A Stormy JAX Beach is Still a Real Beach…


Today I awoke with somewhat of a mission. Hell if I wake up and feel relatively happy, things are totally happening. Main goal of the day was to get to the local bike shop and have them switch out my bike pedals.

To those that were wondering, and had heard of my struggle… I DID NOT find my tri shoes. Champion Cycling here in Jacksonville Beach hooked a girl up and put my road bike pedals on my tri bike till I find or buy new TRI shoes.


For the kids being somewhat … again SOMEWHAT reasonable at the bike shop, I promised the beach. Only down side about that is that it has been a little bit stormy in Jacksonville the last couple of days. But since I PROMISED we did some shopping on the beach, and said hello to the lifeguards.


I so desperately wanted to get a good shot of the lifeguards. Since a storm was rolling in they were all hanging out in their lifeguard shack, and can I say that JAX Beach has quite the league of lifeguards. I wanted to take a picture just to show all of you, but how creepy is that? They were out there boxing though, and Mark thought it was pretty cool, then nearly got up in 2 lifeguards that didn’t see Mark (who was not paying attention) walk right between their legs.IMG_0231IMG_0234

People, I HEART Jacksonville Beach, so much. I feel as though I am back in a real world. Mississippi was NOT real to me. It was a constant fog of nothing. To me the beaches were terrible, and I just didn’t fit in with the lifestyle. Growing up in California may have tainted my views of living on the Gulfcoast. You expect a beach to be a certain way, and it wasn’t. Though I drove by the beach daily while living in MS, I felt as though I might as well have been living in Oklahoma, thats how un-beachy I found it.

I know some of you are probably squinty-eyed on my views of the Gulfcoast, but can I be honest and say I did not like it… at all. Yep, just said it. I’ve stated my thoughts plenty of times to friends. The people were great, especially my knitting friends (who I dearly miss), but the location…Nope. Lisa tried pumping me up plenty of times “It is what we MAKE it”. In the end it wasn’t. Can I say I am shallow on appearances of the beauty of nature? You should be able to smell the beach 3 blocks out, sands be either white or cream in color, and there should be waves. With waves come hippy surfers, baja tacos, and surfer beach attire. Though I lived next to the foothills growing up in California, I spent my summers in Del Mar. Where days were filled with boogie boards, getting screamed at by surfers, sandy sandwiches, and sweatshirt cool nights. *Sigh* to me that is the beach.


Now there are no sweatshirt cool nights here in humid JAX BEACH, but I get everything else that should be with a beach. I live 3 blocks from the water. We walk down there everyday, and come home a little tanner & covered in sand. I can walk to both the local bike & running shop. I walk to Publix (people, I have a Publix, be jealous). The late afternoons are filled with thunder that shakes my apartment, and gives the greatest lightning show, EVER. I am in a good place. The kids are happy, I am working on happiness, and I know Mark can’t wait to pull in and soak up the sun.


Oh, and can I thank Tori for getting me hooked on Rita’s? Italian ice and custard. Heaven pure heaven.

Have I talked you into coming to visit yet?


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