A long weekend into normalcy


Ya know, being away from my own blog for a bit kinda brought me away from myself. I know so many of you were worried I was dropping The Knitty Triathlete, and I promised I wouldn’t, this would always be my space.

Heck I come to learn that even Mark (the hubs) relied on my blogging to see what was really going on within my head, and to see more pictures! As much as this is a blog about my life, its a blog about my family, because they ARE me.


This past weekend happened to be the longest/fastest weekend ever. Long because we have been waiting for Mark to get home, and fast because there just was a million things to do! School orientation, 81 mile bike, cleaning, organizing, beach time, pool party, Ironman tracking, finishing up Shark Week and snuggle time. All the priorities in life!


Mark has been away since March. He came home to visit in Gulfport for a week in May, saw him for a day last month, and at last he is home with us (but just for a bit). Normally time apart takes a strong toll on me ( and it did) but this time around it was pretty tough on the kids. Though they are the happiest of campers, and had one heck of a summer (Thank you Paw Paw, Abuela, Aunt Ev, Uncle Justin, Sophia & Justin), they still had some hardy mental break downs not understanding why Dad had to be gone.

Many a times I would get into fights with Chloe “I MISS MY DAAAAADDDDDYYYY!!!!!!”, “DONT THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE!!!!”, and then plenty of times had silent talks filled with tears with my little Mark going over the importance of Dad being out on the ship. Though I give in at times because Mark has been gone, I still lay down the law and explain that life could be worse, that we should be lucky, and there are plenty of children with Daddies that are gone for much longer periods of time. In the end I pray they come out stronger people for being military brats (does anyone else dislike that term?).


So while we have waited patiently here in JAX beach, we have watched pink sunsets over the ships in port. Hit up a back to school bash pool party on base, where they lost their little minds in hamburgers, sprite and water slides. Geez, I wish I still had the excitement of a child in me knowing that I am at a pool party. I desperately tried not to be the party pooper, and pull them out early. Just look at how happy they were!


But do you know how hard it is to put children to bed after a super awesome pool party… knowing that in the morning Daddy will be home? You don’t? Well it was like Christmas. Those kids were up till nearly midnight. Truthfully only my little Mark was, and he is the one normally zonked out early, leaving only Gremlin Chloe to harass me until she passes out in a hallway. We stayed up a bit watched Transformers Rescue Autobots (does anyone else watch that cartoon? Its hilarious! Or I was exhausted and thought it was hilarious).


In the end, Christmas day came (Mark pulling into port). The ship is huge, and the kids knew right away when they saw it that Daddy was on THAT ship. There was happy screaming in the truck as we pulled up to pick up Mark. Once the crazy settled down, things were normal. Truly normal. Things HAVE NOT been normal since a bit before Mark left in March (prior to him leaving we just didn’t know what we were going to do, another story). *Sigh*, but I live on the fence knowing that this will be short lived, and I can not fully exhale, but I will live in the moment with my little family.

Geez, I have a family. 2 kids. A husband is who laying next to me snoring…Ill have to roll him over just to wake him up and see if I can fall asleep before the snoring starts again (ha! Totally called you out Mark, but I know it has to be amazing sleeping in your OWN bed, and not on the stinky ship).

I am happy. I am normal. Life is good.


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