First Game Ever?

Photo courtesy of Chloe's camera skills :) off to a #baseball game!! #familytime #smile #jaxUntitled

Wanna take the kids to a baseball game? <— Jacksonville has a baseball team!? For a quick moment I have a minor heart attack because I can’t remember a single team name (in all of MLB). Nah, just a minor league (double A) team.

Ah, ok. HELL YEAH!


I’ve used this game and Marks return home as bargaining chips for the past 2 weeks. I of course more excited to go to a baseball game than the kids. Chloe kept thinking … wait this is exactly what she would say “Mama, we are gonna watch a football, um, soccer, a golf practice right? I have a golf ball with me.” <— She brought the golf ball to the BASEBALL game. No worries, Smokey the Bear was there and hooked the girl up with a proper baseball.


We learned a couple of things at this game, biggest thing: Don’t bring a grumpy Chloe. That poor girl was hungry, and pissed we weren’t sitting in prime seats. <— Seriously? Eat this hotdog and be quiet.

Second: Don’t buy bleacher seats. Mark was in charge of getting us tickets through the MWR, and didn’t know what he was getting into. Its alright though. There happens to be grass seating, and a playground for the kids to play at! Yay for minor league baseball fields right?


I learned something new, this was Marks (hubs) first baseball game, ever. Ever? Ever. What no Angels games? No near death experiences at a Dodger game? No college games, where you cheered on friends? No punches to a random strangers gut, all for a foul ball? OK, how about losing feeling in your lips because you have salted them with sunflower seeds?

Honestly I stared, just STARED at Mark for a solid 2 minutes. Confused. “Well you probably haven’t missed much”. But it lead me to ask him stupid questions like “Do you know what R.B.I stands for?”, “How many innings in a baseball game?”, “On which side of the baseball field does the home team always sit on”<— I didn’t ask that last question, but totally saving it for later.


Though I didn’t really grow up watching baseball, wait…. I just called bull shit on myself, Yes I did grow up watching Dodger games on the television (channel 5 right? Would always interrupt Friends?), I had a crush on the first base men, what the hell was his name? Anyone?

I did grow up playing softball. Fresh cut grass, neatly lined infields, lightly sprinkled dirt, and the smack of a ball hitting a glove (in the sweet spot) is ingrained into my soul (if I like it or not). Can I be honest and say I will never sign Chloe up for softball (unless she asked)? Yep. But doesn’t mean that I will keep the sport from my kids.

Baseball is an American sport. I think its in all of us. So many happy moments revolve around a baseball/softball field for me. I am happy that I can share that with my kids in some form. Though they really had no clue what was going on, I was so happy to be at that field. Happy to be around baseball fans, eating a crappy hotdog, devouring burnt popcorn, and second guessing an umpires call “Ask for help!”. I felt a little at home. Plus I was sweating like a mad man, I might as well have been 3 games in and completely exhausted only wanting to throw my mitt into my coaches face…


I am thankful for the sport. Thankful for family time. Honored to be with 3 of my loves at their FIRST baseball game, ever. But its going to be a couple years before I even go back with those crazies. Will take a date night, or drag friends to a baseball game (if you complain like the children, I WILL be bringing a baseball glove and smacking you across the face with it, “You’re killin me Smalls!”. And if you cry about it? Well, “There is no crying in baseball”, so get over it.

Chloe “Mama, its to hard to open the peanut”
Me (as I snatch the peanut from her) “It’s supposed to be hard (its a dang peanut). If it wasn’t hard, everyone would be doing it. *cracked open peanut* The hard is what makes it great.” <— She wasn’t too impressed with that peanut.

P.s  I haven’t seen the floater pitch since Scuffy McGee!
P.S.S Hey you guys, don’t throw me anything, my girlfriend put a curse on my glove…. I’ll take the hex off the eFFing glove…
P.Sx3 Just throw.
P.Sx4 Hey it could happen.

**Name me whats happening in those “P.S’s and Ill send you a JAX BEACH hat (what I’m wearing in the first photo), must post on FACEBOOK fan page, under the link to THIS post** Only ONE available, to the FIRST person who gets it!


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