Lifeguards Kids Go to School Too…


School has definitely kicked off with a happy start for my two little minions. They love it. So far no complaints, and I am proud to say that I have their teachers chase me down to tell me how wonderful they are, then we proceed into the car where they release the hellion that has been waiting to show itself all day… I digress.

Its mostly Chloe. “She is such and angel!” her teacher proclaims, then once the door closes to the car, I feel as though her head spins a slow 360 degrees and she demands to know why I am wearing a dress. <— That seriously happened. So now I am explaining myself to a 5 year old, which only leads to a screaming match between the two of us. I feel as though I am 9 years old and my dad is demanding to know why I am wearing nail polish! What the hell just happened? As Aunt Vicki would say “Beat the devil out of her!”, LOL…. There is no air!


So I have to share, one thing that has been ingrained into my parent mind by the teachers of the kids new school is that “This is a beach community…”. Seriously, I heard that from EVERY teacher at orientation. I wasn’t sure how to take it. Like “we are laid back and if there is a good swell, school will start an hour later, dude” and or “Your child will be a pro on the quality, quantity and application of sun screen”? All I’ve done is nod my head and smile, because c’mon, Chloe’s kindergarten teacher looks like a 5’11, beach barbie, that can drop kick a 40 lb child across a football field WHILE standing on top of a surfboard. She’s no joke, I’m totally impressed.


I’m totally  mc’lovin this beach school. In the morning I gawk at the lifeguards tans as they drop of their little beachlings (made that word up, going to have to google it).  I count how many Tony Hawks I see cruise up on their “club cars” (supe’d up golf carts, next to beach cruisers, everyone has one). What do you mean by Tony Hawks? I mean the 35-40 year old men that stroll up in flat brimmed hats, amazing sideburns, Spy sunglasses, Rainbow sandals, some surf brand t-shirt, and either board shorts or some sexy fitted Dockers/Dickies shorts.

I smirk at the moms that have their cute little sundresses over their bathing suits as if they are actually going to cruise over to the beach that instant and hit the waves.
Wait…. that chick just grabbed her beach cruiser which has a rack for her surfboard, and yes she IS going to hit the waves <—- Hell, I learn’ today!

Last but not least, Namaste to all the Yogi moms hittin’ up one of the 100 yoga shops within a 2 mile radius, and HELL YEAH (high five!) to the ripped up Crossfit couples jamming out to the local box for their morning WOD.

This is what I see every morning! No exaggerations! This is my current life, I sit in my  car and people watch in complete shock and leave voicemails on Marks cell phone saying “I never want to leave…. Babe! I need a beach cruiser because I’m scared the hippies on the corner will drop some bad juju on me if I drive the one mile to the school again!”

#beachlife #hashtagginginmyownblogpost


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