Are You Ready For Some Football?


We are on a roll with “1st’s” … First professional football game for the four of us! Mark of course is a big college football fan. GO NAVY (its MANDATORY for all Midshipmen to attend every football game)! As for me.. Well… I’ve done plenty of high school football games, and I do enjoy watching the occasional college game, and who doesn’t like the Super Bowl?


I actually made notes while at Everbank Stadium, here we go…

  1. Touchdown Selfie : As you may have noticed, I am not shy of the selfie. Also there are at times that I stick up for the selfie. But how bad ass is this?… so guy scores a touchdown, teammate comes running up behind him, puts arm over his shoulder, hand up as if a phone was in his hand, and they PRETEND to take a selfie!! HAHAHA! Oh man! I loved it! I am STILL chuckling to myself…. touchdown selfie… genius…
  2. The personal foul: Now I don’t have an allegiance to one team…. OK, BS, I love JAX, and in loving JAX that means that I love the Jaguars, so be it… so my personal mama bear came out when I saw this personal foul. Myself along with half the stadium, jumps out of our seats screaming “WHAT THE HELL!?!” … I sat down quickly. My dear heavens what came over me? Football fever, eek!
  3. Jacksonville in Motion: *Watch it here* This video is the halftime show, and at first you think “Hell, no band? No performance?”, but then you get sucked into it, and think I AM NEVER LEAVING JACKSONVILLE!!  Its a 7 minute video of EVERYTHING Jacksonville has to offer. Just how amazing this city is. The video is so great, that is has a STANDING OVATION. Yep. Just move here already.
  4. Friday Night Lights: Ok, it wasn’t FRIDAY, but it was Thursday night football, but once it started to get dark, I turned to Mark and said “wonder when….” then looked up to see the lights start creeping on. At that time I had goosebumps and a world of flashbacks to every high school football game I’ve ever attended. There is just something about being under the lights and watching football, its like a drug. You get sucked in, you feel as though you’ve had 2 red bulls. Great feeling… hell I nearly cried. I was SO HAPPY to be there, and to be with my little family, watching a flipping football game.

Unlike the baseball game, The Jaguars game was a GREAT family experience. We had actual seats, got to take part of a Firehouse Subs tailgate party before the game, and since we were so high up we actually had a breeze. It was perfect and the kids were great!

Also note that Everbank field was GORGEOUS. With our seats, we had water views on both sides. Just beautiful. Tried taking photos, but my stinking camera phone just couldn’t do it justice. After the 3rd quarter we left to avoid the madness. Walking out we had a great view of downtown, *sigh*, beautiful people. As of right now I am not gifted enough in words to express the beauty and feelings it gives me. All I know is that I am in a happy place.

Thank you Jacksonville.


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