Ya know, the hubs doesn’t ask for much, but I know today was a day that I should brag a bit about how he bought me my first surfboard.

Yep, its happened. Did I nearly have a breakdown on Friday morning when I didn’t have surfboard to hit the gorgeous swell that came in? Um, kinda not really ? <— I was heated for no real good reason, other than having a feeling a belonged out there. I actually took Mark to the water to look at the waves…. “Look at the waves Mark, aren’t they gorgeous? Yep, but who has no board?” <— Had missed the opportunity to rent a board the prior night to have something for the morning. He just agreed to the pleasant waves, nodded his head, and at the same time a surfer walked by me and said “There still some good waves out there…” <— are you taunting me?

In the past week I have done some research on boards. Best beginner boards, what you want to start with, hit up the local surf shops for used boards, hit up the local pawn shops as well. Did some reading, watched youtube videos, more reading, all the while sharing every bit of information with Mark. He is a silent man, and only nods and agrees with whatever information I have acquired.

IMG_0401I have shortcuts of Surfline and Swellinfo on my computer, I check them both every morning, along with live feed with what the water looks like. I’ve become slightly obsessed. I’ve had Mark read reviews on boards, which he states that he has no clue what they are saying, and I read perfect english <– Only because I have been reading non-stop and have used urban dictionary to actually understand surfer jargon.

After posting about MY Endless Summer, Mark decided to be my first sponsor by getting me a foam board  (I know I know, not a REAL board, but according to reading (and asking every surfer that would talk to me), you should use a USED or FOAM board to learn on, because apparently you WILL beat the shit out of your board). Sponsor? Yes, would I like to say it was a gift? No. Its a sponsorship .

The definition of a sponsor: a person or organization that provides funds for a project or activity carried out by another, in particular. <— He knows I have a dream, and is supporting that. Though being a husband in general might fall under that category, Mark is a very business man, and he MIGHT see this as an investment… but I think more of a gamble. A gamble to keep me happy while he is deployed.

*Shrug* I’ll take it… cause I’ve been promised a real board if I learn to kick some ass on this one… Kinda sounds like a challenge, I like it.

Guys, Im kinda totally psyched out…





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