Shangri La


*Spoiler* “Shangri La isn’t a a wave we are going to find, it’s wherever we are going next” <— Annnd thats the last line of the surf documentary “Strange Rumblings in Shangri La”. Probably one of the coolest lines I’ve heard too.

We (as a family) have graduated to attending premieres of surf documentaries in the parking lot of surf shops. Sunrise surf shop to be exact. What can I say? We are neighbors to the shop, so why not? I got to sit next to a surfer that looked EXACTLY like Sean Penn from Fast Times at Ridgemont High … I seriously stared at him from the corner of my eye for a good 5 minutes thinking “Dude, I SO know you from somewhere!!”


Family friendly event, where pizza and drinks were supplied. We scored some front row asphalt seats and got wrapped up into what really seemed like a long music video, with surfing and the occasionally snippy comment from the surfer commentator “Where the f*ck are the waves?”. It was really a great documentary. Cinematography was along the lines of a Royal Tenenbaums type film, and of course beautiful faces, places and waves.

Just before attending the event Mark got me my first board, which we promised my little Mark that he would learn to surf. My little mister informed me after the film “Mama, I don’t think I can surf those big waves“, Me “Baby your absolutely right, we will start with little waves first, then you can travel the world and ride the big waves, ok?” , “Oh man! That is crazy! Its gonna be so hard!” <—- The hard is what makes it great my love.


If I were to ask the kids their favorite part of the movie, I know they would say it was the pizza. I’ll admit that it was some pretty good pizza. My favorite part of the movie, well part of that evening, was just sitting there on warm asphalt, watching waves next to beautifully svelte tanned people, while a lightning storm played out just north of us. It was a beautiful night.

The turnout for the event was the perfect size. From a 70 year old man sitting behind us, teenagers rolling up on their longboards, to the middle aged surfer with his 4 kids (who all I am sure know how to shred it up, his wife looked like a Hawaiian Princess). Where the heck do I live again?


A big thank you to Sunrise Surf Shop for a great night. For all the drinks, and to Globe for all the stickers my kids seem to have collected. Heck, though my husband has no real want for surfing, I believe he was inspired to feel the freedom and gravity of what the water has to offer.

Its documentaries (and events) like these that bring the community together, and really plant seeds within to achieve great things. Hell if some surfer dudes can pull off the funds to travel the world looking for the perfect wave, and make a movie about it? Well just about anything is possible, you just have to want it bad enough.


Note: There was the CUTEST kids there. Along with my kids of course, the cuteness happening was unreal. There was this little kid in front of us, maybe 2? He had a short board, and kept riding it around, and his laughter was contagious… I think most of us spent time laughing with him then watch the movie. Pure joy was on his face as he rolled around. Plus he had a little Globe black flat billed cap on that covered half his face… flipping adorable. So whoever kid that was… Pinch the crap outta those cheeks for me!


I left that night a happy person. Heck, it was a happy day. Looking forward to future events like that. Events that can inspire my kids to take part of what the earth has to give us (not getting hippy on you, but meaning that adventure is all around us wether it be surfing, hiking, or base jumping).

“Shangri La isn’t a a wave we are going to find, it’s wherever we are going next”


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