The Corners of My Current Life


Hola from Jacksonville Beach, Florida! Most may have know, many maybe NOT. But yes, we have moved. I’d like to thank the military for our 5th move within the past 7 years. Though it may be a  pain in the arse with the PROCESS of moving, I do love MOVING.

There are probably a bunch of you that are like “Um, yeah, you can keep your 5 moves, while I chill out here in the home I will raise my children in, best friend lives down the street, and my mom can come over every morning for scones.”. Yeah, well not my life, and though it may sound like the American dream, it isn’t my dream.

Though we will settle down ONE day. Today is not the day, and I am totally cool with that. With new places comes new faces, new bike routes, new restaurants, and new geographical location to easily access other adventures. Its pretty jazzy to have the option of something new.

Does it suck to leave behind friends? Yes and No. I don’t believe in goodbyes. Plus with Facebook, I am probably way more into your life than I really should be. There is never a permanent goodbye (unless in death), I WILL see you again! Also, TRAVEL! Come visit! I’ve asked random friends for a bed/couch to sleep on while traveling through town, and I am more than willing to pay it forward to see friends (even acquaintances). <— The invitation has been published, so no stupid excuses, come visit.

These are the corners of my life right now. My belongings only call for adventure. I am thrilled that the boxes are cleared, most things put away, its letting me be ME again. Still looking for my darn tri shoes and not till I put the pictures in the post did I realize there are bikes in both photos (do you ride?).

The moment that the boxes were cleared out, and I was able put some belongings out, well it made me happy. They are bright, eccentric, and have possibilities for amazing new experiences . C’mon… SUP, bikes, and a sewing machine (hidden in the table)? Magical.

So what am I trying to say here?  New things are about to happen. History to delve into. Waters to be traversed. People to make laugh. <—- Again, its magical, so come and visit.

Seriously… Come visit, we can WALK to the beach….


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