Key West & Race the Reef


Wham Bam! The Knitty Triathlete has been down, which sorta mentally put me down, but that doesn’t mean I am not recapping on the adventures the kids and I have been up to.

It pretty much starts with planning a training trip to down to Key West with my friend Tori, then I found a SUP race, then Mark told me “NO”, then I said “What if I can get someone to drive with me?”, he says “Good Luck”, I call Utah Joe and say “Hey, wanna drive down to Key West and do a 6 mile SUP race? They take us out in a catamaran and just dump us 6 miles off the island, and we paddle back in. It will be bad ass”. Joes reply “I’ve never been on a SUP before, but sounds fun, when will I ever go to Key West?”….. Now that I think about it, this was a video chat with all three of us, I turned to Mark where he is just shaking his head and says “You guys are crazy.”


Now, I didn’t really think about what a pain in the ass it is to go into Orlando. It was an additional 2 hour trip getting in and out of the airport where I picked up Joe Friday morning en route to Key West. It was a LONG drive. iPads were dead, we might have all been hungry. Kids turned NUTS. Though we look all grand and happy… Well the happiness was pulling up to Tori’s house and seeing her face!


I’m not going into to much detail (probably because that was a week ago, I am exhausted, and cant remember crap). There was CUBAN food, JETS, long bike rides, home cooked food by Tori, long chats, apple juice , OH and MORE Cuban food… Plus kitties, cant forget the kitties.


This beach above, is the SOUTHERN MOST point of Key West, it just happens to be on a base, where we got our sun on and nearly killed ourselves on a coral beach.


I’d like to thank both Tori and Joe for dealing with my kids. Both of these people fit under the super cool Aunt & Uncle catagory, and thank goodness because sometimes those kids… *teeth clenching*… Yeah, you fill in the flipping crazy that they can take you to. Also I a big thank you to Lisa for ALSO falling under that category,  Holy crap, really don’t know what I would do without friends that understand that “they are just being kids”. Also doesnt help that you are completely off your crazy pills and are constantly on the verge of a panic attack.UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledNot going to do a complete race report (because Kay might kill me), but a couple things:

  • They took us out 6 miles on a catamaran, where they threw our boards OVER BOARD, you then had to jump in and swim after them.
  • I saw an eel, school of jellyfish and the paddlers right next to me saw a sea turtle, which I DID not see because apparently I am blind.
  • The water was choppy… no wavy… no INSANE. We barely paddled, you spent most the time trying not to fall off. You know its bad when the race starts and all the bad asses stand up then fall straight into the water (time after time). We were pretty much riding waves.
  • I finished 5th overall, and 1st in age group (apparently there aren’t ANY OTHER people in their 20’s that paddle down there. Oh, and Joe placed 3rd! <— Got on a board ONCE before flying in, then he gets dropped off in the middle of the ocean (now that I think about it, damn, good job Joe, ahahahha the madness).

Last but not least, THANK YOU TORI , for hosting us! For dealing with kids, my crazy, and us just interrupting your normal flow. The food was great, and it was fun having us all kick back with apple juice and have an adult conversation. You are going to kick some ass in Augusta come 2 weeks!


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