Red Bulls & Bacon


Do you ever read other blogs? LOL, HA! I am sure you do. But do you read blogs with the perfect pictures, perfect home, neatly (stylishly <– who has money to dress their kids like that) dressed kids…. just perfect little life? Well its as perfect as that person wants to show.

In reality we are all just kicking back pounding red bulls, munching on bacon and desperately creating a sense of order, all within the 5-7 hours the kids are in school (though it feels as though they are gone 30 minutes).


I wake up like a zombie every morning…. well after I’ve hit the snooze button 2 times (I only allow myself 2 snooze’s). I wake up every morning like someone has socked me in the stomach, suddenly gasping for air, at the same time throwing my hand up in the air as if someone is going to give me a hand and help me out of bed. Once that rush is over, I mentally go over the amount of sunlight coming into my room and freakout that we are running late. This leads to a ninja roll across the bed and popping off the other side WITH phone in hand screaming “WAKE UP OR YOURE GOING TO BE LATE!!”. <— Even if we aren’t late I say that anyways, it seems to put a bit of pep under the kids step.


I make a mad dash to the clean pile of laundry (because heaven forbid I put it away), pull out outfits for the kids, slam a bottle of water, make a second round of hollering for the kids to wake up, set out bowls of cereal, and make lunches. The ENTIRE time I am saying “Get dressed….get dressed….get dressed… socks & shoes…. socks & shoes…. WHY DONT YOU HAVE YOUR SOCKS AND SHOES ON YET?”.  I slam backpacks onto shoulders, and boot children out the door.


I happily drive those little monkeys to school every morning. When I say happy, it doesn’t mean I am happy that they are OUT of the house (well a little), but I feel as though we accomplished a mission every morning. Even the kids seem to know when we have a flawless departure. Once to the school my kids nearly break down the door to get out of the car, they are always ready to go.  “I love you! Be good! Listen! Be helpful! If your bad Ill tell dad!” <— Same thang, every morning.

I mosey back on home, have breakfast (3 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, dose of caffeine), watch a little NAT GEO, send an email to Mark, make some phone calls. Then a stare…. Then ninja roll off the couch, throw myself into a corner and work my way around the house…. EVERY DAY! ALL DAY!. Oh, you can throw in Ironman training in there somewhere as well…

So yeah, I am pretty normal. My house is messy at times. I run around with my trucker cap on backwards (rally cap, for some reason I stay a little more focused),  and I eat a lot of bacon.

What is your routine? Are you normal? Abby-normal? Hid out at Starbucks all morning? Go straight to the gym? Sleep in?


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