Today I thought I would give an extra dose of Mark & Chloe. They have been my only companions (except for a positive constant flow of visitors) since moving and settling down here in JAX Beach. As much as they fill my heart with happiness, they also fill me with crazy. I think God thought I needed to work on patience, and to learn how to be a kid, because there are times I just don’t feel I have time for the small things that make up a childhood. In reality I have all the time.

Juggling time with them hasn’t been hard, yet. Creeping into big weeks of training, and trying to figure out how that will fit in without taking time away from the kids has been a little tough. Getting back into the grind of waking up when partiers are going to bed (2:45 am) to get in long rides, and it still isn’t early enough. I did the same thing when living in Mississippi, so its not something new, but its an adjustment, and it questions my dedication (You gonna get your arse outta bed and get things done?) to my family & training daily. In the end I pull double duties with Mark gone, so I feel I just need to be there for the kids a little more.

The kids have been loving JAX so far. Afternoon and weekend beach time. Surfing till exhaustion. Sand castle building. SCHOOL!

They are both loving school. Though it may be a little tough in the mornings to get them going, but by the time I pull up to drop them off, they nearly karate kick the door down to get out. I’ll take this happiness for school as long as I can get it. Flee to your workbooks my children!



They live in a constant state of adventure, its a good and bad thing. Good because they experience new places and people, and bad because they expect something cool to happen every weekend!

Kudos to the both of them with all the road trips we have been on. We have had our psychotic moments that they just NEED to get out of the car (um, me too child), have to pee (Hold it! But then all I see in the rear view mirror are fidgeting kids because they have to pee, then leading to yourself thinking that you HAVE to pee), or start asking how much further when you have 8 hours left of driving. *teeth clenching annoying*


Little Mark is actually taking an engineering class after school. He doesn’t seem interested in sports, he tells me its too hot outside, I completely agree but see that he may be a little like his dad when it comes to group sports.

Marks (husband) and I had a deep talk on what after school activities that the kids would do. They had a world of options, even Crossfit for kids. When we saw the engineering option, we knew he would like it. He is a lego man (loves to build and also draw), and he is a fact collector (he can break down the complete life cycle of a monarch butterfly, and explain a beavers living habitat). Oh, and he is quite the surfer, and he is very proud of that. It makes me extremely happy that he has at least one OUTDOOR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY that he likes.


As for Chloe. For some reason I feel like she runs the show half the time. She dictates eating and sleeping times. Gets serious with her workbooks. Then has me type up emails to Dad expressing how her and Mark have things under control, and have been busy taking care of me (??).

Her hobbies? TO BE IN YOUR FACE. Well not all the time. She does love workbooks, and to draw. She takes dance after school, not exactly sure what they do but she loves ANYTHING girly. She is also the shortest kid in her class (from what I have seen). Chloe is a peanut (that talks too much and always has an opinion). Everyone seems to enjoy Chloe and her manners. Teacher always sends home a note expressing how much she just loves Chloe. I don’t know what those people see, because once she gets in the car, she flips the crazy switch and turns into psychotic gremlin. Oh dear Chloe, thank you for saving all your crazy for me, very sweet of you!


They miss their Dad. A lot. I wonder how the perceive time? They know he will be home soon, but what happens on long deployments? Friends have brought up cute countdown ideas. Its something I don’t want to think about as of yet, but am aware, and I keep the kids aware that daddy has to go far places and protect us on the ship, where he does the weather reports <– Bad Ass job right there huh?  Im impressed. Though little Mark thinks he battles aliens and works on a Battleship.


Happy faces and giggles, along with screaming, crying, fighting, demanding, breakdowns… Yeah all that is what they bring to my world. I’ll remember it all, and remind them when they are older how crazy and sweet they were (are).

C’mon, they are so dang cute. God gave me cute kids to put up with this! Thank you God!
P.S I love every last bit of them.


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