100 Miles, In one day?


100 mile paddle (SUP!!) <—- Click the link, and check that madness out.

Ok, so its my birthday week. Who cares? I don’t. I could really give 2 craps its my birthday. This only means I get to be in the big girl age bracket, I survived 29 years of life, and a reminder to my mom that she is getting old. Same phone call every year “So you’re ** old?! Jesus Christ, stop getting old Chris, it only means I am getting older” <— Sorry Mom, tis the circle of life.


This paddle race wasn’t something planned into my 30th year festivities, but it has fallen under the amazing HARD bad ass adventures for the year. It came to me on a bike ride. A looooong trainer ride. I sat there about 70 miles deep and thought, “100 miles on a bike isn’t really anything anymore.” <— When you kinda have been training for 2 Ironman races all year, it really isn’t. For ME it isn’t, but its still tough to get through one. I am not DOWN playing 100 mile rides.

What would 100 miles be hard in? Running? Hell yes, but honestly I don’t think my legs could stand the training for that, I know my limitations to injuries, and I really have no interest in RUNNING 100 miles (I say that now, who knows in the future), I’ll throw a 50k in there though…

But what else? PADDLEBOARD! So while in aero, I start googling things on my phone, and WHAM BAM there it is! 2 day event in New York (there is a California option available) SUP covering 100 miles. I kinda got the chills and thought “OMG OMG OMG, happening” <—insert evil voice on the “happening” part.

I actually called my friend Joe and asked him if he thought it was crazy, “In ONE day?“, “No No No, 2 day event!“, THAT idiot (never on a paddle board at that point), was hesitant then asked if he could do it <— I cant ask another crazy person if I am crazy, need to ask someone with a head on their shoulders. So I patiently waited for Mark to come home, and said “So theres this 100 mile race in New York, on a stand up paddle board, I think I am gonna do it…”. Now I want you to picture Mark sitting in bed next to me, he’s got his old man face on, and he is reading through the current Bassmaster magazine. He’s not much for excitement, but I got a little rise out of him for him to drop his magazine just a tad and ask “In ONE day?“, “No No No, 2 day event!“….

Mark put his magazine up, and I waited, and waited. He replied with (while still looking at the magazine) “Well Babe, if you train for it, I really believe you could do anything”. Yes-uh! For some reason I need his approval, and reminder that I am not reaching for another galaxy.

IMG_0591IMG_0604Now I am on a crazy high. I’ve spent the past month locating races building into New York. I’ve spent hours researching long distance SUP racing. Signed up for Chattajack (31 mile SUP race NEXT MONTH). Joined the Facebook groups, WHAT UP 100/100 peeps! Books, read em <—Written by a triathlete, this is meant to be.

But honestly first thing I did after get the “ok” from Mark was have a minor freak out. What the hell? Where do I start? This is possible, right? So I emailed my strength/tri coach, and what she replied with was perfect  “Break through the normal. Go for the unusual and unknown. Who we are is a product of the willingness to truly do what we desire. When we don’t go for it we are not being authentic. Forget all other’s ideas of what you should do and do what it is that fills your thoughts and dreams.

Stepping out of the comfort zone. Its going to be hard and beautiful (the race, training and the races building into it). Plus its only ONE of the few extremes I’m going to be getting into this coming year.

Totally psyched!  But I’m gonna need a bigger boat board <—Anyone get that?


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