I’m a bit of a collector, or hoarder, whatever term you want to use, well thats me. Now I don’t hoard big things but small things I can pile. Piles are good, they go high and high. But bummer thing about my piles is that they are EVERYWHERE, hidden some place “safe”.

“Safe” means I have no clue where those piles are, but don’t worry they are “safe.
Anyways, one of the things I collect are stickers. Been lucky enough to pick up stickers from all the places I have been lately, and I have a pile of ones I have collected over the years (again, that pile is somewhere safe).


So since moving here to JAX I’ve had this grand vision for my stickers. I wanted to create a piece of momento art. Thats why I have to huge pieces of sheet metal hanging on my wall.

When you walk into our apartment, well its a cluster of stuff. Bikes, boards, paddles, more boards, bike trainer, more bikes. You essentially walk into a small sporting goods store. But I want to give more of a cooler feel, so I thought I would display my stickers and give the apartment more of a classy surfboard shop (don’t ask why I used the word “classy”, but I like it) look to it.Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 4.05.00 PMI think its a little unique right? Its something I can add to for YEARS. I think in the end those pieces are going to look bad ass, I wonder how long it would take me!

So I am on the hunt for stickers! You have stickers? Sell stickers? Want to send me some stickers? Would love a story to GO with that sticker. Every sticker so far has a story, and I love it!

Seriously, those are huge arse pieces of metal, I NEED ALL THE STICKERS!



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