Ironman, Janis, Eggrolls & Knitting


Yesterday was my birthday, and I didn’t do I dang thing. Wait, I did do something, I knit and ate Chinese food ALL DAY LONG. <—- When I say ALL DAY LONG, I mean ALL DAY LONG.

I got up only to relieve myself and shove more sweet and sour chicken (which we now call Chinese chicken nuggets) down my throat. Hours and hours of knitting AND watching Alaska State Troopers that I had recorded on the DVR.



You don’t HAVE to do something for your birthday. But I’ll be honest, Chinese and knitting weren’t on the schedule. I really had nothing planned, I wasn’t sure what to do. Since it was a Sunday the kids were home with me. I really cant do much of the crazy I would have liked when toting them around. I did consider purchasing kids life jackets and throwing them on my board for a ride… I don’t think they would have been that cooperative.

With no plans for the day, I fell into a bit of a funk. A funk because 2 things:

  • I woke up in time to shoot my friend Jerry a text wishing good luck at Ironman Lake Tahoe. I got a reply back saying “race is canceled and they waited to do it until we hit the water“. I jumped out of bed, one eye open screaming “Wheres my computer!? Where is my computer?!?” <– I was freaking out. Psh, not my race, but I instantly felt the heartbreak and ANGER I would have experience if I was there. Once computer open, I jumped all over Instagram and Twitter looking at the #IMLT & #IRONMANLAKETAHOE hashtags (thank you hashtags). I just couldn’t believe. I was livid. I felt terrible for the people that LIVE there and for the athletes that put their heart, souls, family on the line to train for such a race. I seriously felt like a mad mom, and had the need to march into SOMEONES office and rip someones face off “WHY ARE YOU NOT LETTING MY SON RACE?!?“. As of now (until Tuesday), it doesn’t look like IRONMAN will release any info on what they plan do to (if anything) for the athletes who paid a $740 entry fee for a race that didn’t happen (and yes, I know fires were out of their control, but to let the athletes get IN the water…. Mmm…Oh, and Kelly I’ll seriously knit you a hat 🙂 )
  • Then I fall into a sadness which has me crawl into bed, and jam out to Janis Joplin (again sorry Mark) because my husband forgot it was my birthday. <— Insert tiny heartbreak. I really don’t care what people think, or their opinion, or… anything. But Marks feedback is crucial. So I was looking forward to an email that said “Happy Birthday Babe!”, but I got none. Later in the evening (I gave him ALL day, maybe he was surprising me with something) I so sweetly reminded him it was my birthday, and I know he felt like complete garbage.


Mark did (does) feel like shit for forgetting. He asked if there was anything he could do… Little did he know that after I got over my sadness (slightly) and sang “Piece of my Heart” at the top of my lungs (5 times), I decided that he needed to buy me a birthday present, so I took myself shopping for yarn (that I didn’t need, because I have a closet FULL of yarn, wait, you ALWAYS need more yarn). Then came home to a surprise of Chinese food a friend had delivered so I didn’t have to worry about feeding the kids. And my bum sat ALL DAY on the couch knitting a shawl and eating Chinese food.

We did get out for an hour in the evening for a walk to the beach, because we all needed a little bit of vitamin D that day. But once back home, I reheated MORE chinese food, fed the kids, and got right back to my spot on the couch and knit some more.

It may sound boring, but I was in a happy comfy place.

Eggrolls and knitting. Happy Birthday Christina, let this be your moment of calm for a year full of adventure.

Big thank you to ALL who wished me Happy Birthday! Meant so much to me!


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