Sorta Kinda ALIVE

UntitledUntitledOh geez people,I think I am sorta ALIVE. Cant breathe that well. But ALIVE. Lets see how I feel after a red bull or 2… but for now… ALIVE.

And hungry…

UntitledUntitledTotally off the grid last week (though I was active on instagram). After Monday I was slammed with allergies. Like cant walk across the room without having an asthma attack, lighted headed, wiped body… It was a mess.

UntitledUntitledEveryday I sat on the couch, stared at my bike cradled in the trainer and thought “I’ll just spin my legs”, but when you stand up and ask the kids to calm down and THAT gives you an asthma attack, well there is no “spinning”.

UntitledUntitledUntitledSo it was a watchful week. I lurked, I read, and I knit A LOT. But mostly knit, watch TV, and slept. Oh! Kinda a big deal, I taught Chloe how to knit! ADORABLE. She tells me “Mama, I need to yarn with you”, so sweet. I am just amazed at how well she actually did. Now she gets bored after finishing ONE row, but heck she is making progress, and I enjoyed having a little buddy next to me while I was cuddled in bed…. OH, and I had Batman (Mark. See above photo) protect me while I was sick.

UntitledUntitledI DID make it to the doctors office, which I had hoped it was some sickness and he could give me an antibiotic, but instead told me it was allergies and I needed to ride it out. I asked him how LONG I would have to “ride” it out, because Im kinda training for an ironman. He replied with “REST!”, me “Dude, Ive been resting for 3 days! I am kinda FREAKING OUT!”, doctor “How much caffeine have you had today?” <— You don’t know me, don’t judge.

UntitledWeek ended with friend Tori (remember Key West?) stopping in for a night, en route to Ironman Augusta 70.3, where she kicked ass (thats a whole other post though) AND Mark coming home!!

Now its Monday, and I raging with normal energy and excitement and a friendly reminder that Ironman Arizona is just 7 weeks away!! Karate CHOP!!! BRING IT!!!

Also this week on the blog I’ll chat about being a SHERPA, LOVING THE GAME, and KNITTING <— A LOT of knitting 🙂


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