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You, Me & The Vancouver USA Marathon

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.19.39 AMBoom! I don’t know what happened, BUT I am honored (thrilled/freaking out/back flips/karate chop) to be one of the Ambassadors for the Vancouver USA Marathon in June 2015!

What does this mean? This means, that my first OFFICIAL marathon (does running one after swimming 2.4 miles, and biking 112 miles count?) will be in Vancouver, Washington, at a Runners World selected marathon, that just so happens to have a summer brewfest! C’mon! Party!

Plus super close to Portland, and a road trip to Vancouver, Canada…. Whoa man. So much could happen! I don’t even know *running around going cray*.

But hey, I kinda don’t want to do this by myself… Anyone up for a Summer west coast vacation? I know I have a lot of West Coast friends! This gal right here looking for a roomie!

<——(pointing arrow at myself) Your training accountability partner right here! There is a half marathon option as well.

OK, just wanted to update you on that, and plant a little seed in your brain about your plans for June. I’ll fill you in on more when I learn more…


There is something in my room…

IMG_0859What have you been doing? Um, do you not stalk me via social media like I do YOU? I have been knitting like a little ole’ lady with nothing to do and 10 dachshunds to make sweaters for. Ha! But seriously I have been knitting, probably for you.

Other than yarn, and hats… there was something in my room (well the guest room, sorry guests).

Before I get to whats lurking in my room lets recap a little. I am tired. More like exhausted. I’ve been staying up too late knitting while watching the history channel (I am a pro on all knowledge of ancient aliens). Plus add in Ironman training, phew, thank goodness next week starts a taper.  Keeping up house, keeping the kids entertained and fed. Plus… just everything.

Along with being physically a little tired (though I feel like I am kicking ass), I am mentally fried. I stay up till I cant see anymore and make my way to bed every night with one eye open. I look like Igor hobbling to bed, because once I get off the couch, (for some reason) I walk hunched over, straight to my bed and throw myself on it. Then with face in the pillow, I some how kick my legs around till I am halfway under the covers, and pass out.

I am DEAD to the world. BOOM. Passed out, sleeping good. Yes, yes, I know I should go to bed earlier, but if I don’t go to bed EXHAUSTED I just lay there with my mind running for hours…

So last night, I was asleep…. sleeping good. Until I hear something **TUMP TUMP TUMP**, not “thump”, but TUMP. I am still laying on my stomach, lift my head up, look over my shoulder and think “what the hell?”. Where is this noise coming from? ALL AROUND ME.

I don’t hear it again, and put my head down. My heart is racing a little, I don’t want to freak myself out, I relax and put my head down. Then ***TUMP! TUMP! TUMP! TUMP! TUMP! TUMP! TUMP!***, I sit up, throw the blankets, “WHAT THE HELL!!?!?!”<— as if my voice will SCARE whatever is happening. The sound is coming from above me, the noise happens again, ***TUMP! TUMP! TUMP! TUMP! TUMP! TUMP! TUMP!***, I look up and see a dark shadow shoot across ceiling. “OH MY GOD!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!”.

IMG_0861I jumped out of bed, bashing my knee on the treadmill (did I say I am sleeping in the guest room because… Just because bed feels better?….), I am so pumped with adrenaline that I barely feel it, I fall out the door, into the hallway where I look over my shoulder and see the shadow again SHOOT towards me…

Now I have the bathroom light on, so there is some light filling the little hallway, so when this dark creatures shoots (really it kinda floated) towards me into the hallway, I realize its not dark, but orange, and its not a creature, its a balloon. A damn balloon. A balloon that was in its last days, that I forgot I hid in the closet (why I didn’t pop it? Because the kids would have cried as if I killed a bunny rabbit), it must have floated out, and up into the fan (hence the *TUMP TUMP TUMP*).

I am so mad at this balloon. But its 12:30 am, I cant pop it, I actually carry it into the kitchen (dragging it like a bad child), and tie it to the pantry door <— most random thing to do but I really didn’t know what to do with it. I was pissed, fuming, still scared, and STARVING.

Starving? Yeah, don’t ask, but I’ve been so hungry lately that I would eat tubs of butter if I thought it would stick to my bones and fill me. So now I am starving, and staring at the balloon, as I stand in the middle of the kitchen.

Eggos! I bought eggos. I spent the rest of my night eating 5 eggos smothered in syrup, while staring at the balloon tied to the door…. I just stared, and ate every morsel of those dang Eggos. I had to stay up for another hour because I was STILL scared (every time I thought of being scared I would look over to the pantry door and squint at the balloon, just floating there like it owns the place).

I eventually went to bed, only to sleep in too late… Woke up late, hurried the kids to eat breakfast, where CHLOE sees the balloon tied to the door…. “BAAAALLLLLLOOOOOON!!!” <– She runs to it, like its her long lost love. She grabs it, confused why its tied to the door, meanwhile I am watching her, I am EXHAUSTED, and you know what I did? I walked right up to her and that balloon, yanked it from her hands, and POPPED it.

Yep, right in front of her face. Her little round face just looked up at me, in complete shock, then said “Mama, you’re crazy!”, I could only stare down at her, not knowing what to say, but feeling amazing with the pay back on the balloon, eventually I snapped out of my glorious moment of revenge, looked down at Chloe, who is still staring at me like I am crazy but with also this little face demanding an explanation on to why I murdered her precious balloon…

That little brat crossed her arms across her chest, and gave me a “look”. I bent over, looked her square in the eyes and said/screamed “SOCKS AND SHOES!!!!!”, she rolled her eyes, threw her arms in the air and walked away muttering “Socks and shoes, socks and shoes, its always socks and shoes, but my balloon has no sock and shoes!” <—– NOW insert the crying as if I killed a bunny rabbit in front of her….

How was YOUR morning?

Whats up with all the knitting?

UntitledFirst I am going to start with a THANK YOU. Like HUGE attack hug (and you guys know how I am with hugs) mega thank you for all your support. I don’t know if I am in just an emotional state but with every email and message I have received asking for a hat…

Well, I kinda cry… LOL. HAPPY TEARS!

I am so overcome with how many people actually want something that I have personally made, and want to support me in my next crazy endeavor.

IMG_0795Seriously, my heart is bursting, and I have tears in my eyes as I type this. Not only are you supporting me getting to a race, but you are all helping me emotionally. Knitting is not JUST a hobby, but something I do to help calm and center me. There is something about the repetitive movements, pretty yarn, and CREATING something that just soothes me.

Every hat has been made me love. I love knitting, I love yarn and I get nervous (and love) the fact that someone will get to wear it, well heck that they WANT to wear it blows my mind.

For those that are wondering what I am talking about, I am knitting up a whirlwind of caps and asking for donations. It is not for personal use, well kinda? Its to getting me to the 100 MILE PADDLE in NYC next September.
I really don’t know what made me even think people would want to wear my caps. All I know in that emails back and forth worth Mark, it came down to me deciding to NOT do the race. At that time next year, Mark will just be home from a 9 month deployment, and I decided that HE needed to do something. HE NEEDS a vacation. That being said I would have to NOT do a race as big as that one.

Registration alone for the 100 MILE PADDLE is $365, with having to fundraise $500 for Autism Charities and Clean Water Initiatives. Then add in traveling costs, food and lodging (though apparently I have some bad ass NYC friends that have offered up a place to crash).

IMG_0802So budgeting wise, its just not something I can do, and still be able to do something for Mark. I told Mark that I would NOT do the race and plan something special for him. He felt pretty bad about it, but I’d do just about anything to put a smile on my grumpy cat husbands face…

But I couldn’t let it drop. I budgeted EVERYTHING …
If I choose a race , Mark expects a budget plan (totally fair), so I am a semi pro on putting together a rough estimate on costs. So while sitting here knitting away, I thought, What if I just put up what I knit for donation?

IMG_0673If I can knit myself there, then I deserve to be there. It excited me, and gave me a challenge. I love challenges. Plus I would be giving something BACK. Its hard to just ask for money, I DONT want to ask for money. I don’t even like asking my own husband for money. But if I could give a part of me back for the support to get me there, well that made my heart calm.

I shared my plan with Mark. I think he was a little doubtful, he said “Good luck with your little knitting ‘enterprise‘ “…. <—- Insert “so you don’t think I can do it face” …. “little”…. psshhh.

IMG_0806**BIG SMILE**, again, the support I have received is unreal. I cant wait till Mark gets home before I leave for Ironman Arizona and I can say “My ‘little’ knitting enterprise its 2 steps away from getting me to NYC.”.

Im so excited. Every cap excites me. Paddling excites me (the California 100 MILE paddle is actually going RIGHT now, I’ve been watching, knitting, getting jazzed out). The love & support, well it calms me.

I will have a dedicated page up by mid next week going into details of what EXACTLY is entailed, and a donation link (I know some of you have asked, promised I was on it). Please follow along on Facebook and Instagram with all the caps I am making! Plus I have Chattajack31 NEXT weekend (31 mile SUP race), and then Ironman Arizona 3 weeks after that… It might be entertaining the next couple weeks with all the crazy… Oh throw in Mark coming home for a couple weeks, AND a move…


(MY) Training, Injuries and Nutrition


So I’ve had this post creeping around for a couple weeks, slowly adding some photos. I typed deleted, typed some more, deleted again about a handful of posts to go along with these photos.

There were bad days, GREAT days, sick days, injured days, days the hellions didn’t want it to work, and days that I just didn’t want to do anything but lay on the couch and eat Pitas. Or watch the new season of Vampire Diaries, ALL DAY, Shh!.


No one is perfect and I sure as hell am not. I struggle, and then sometimes I kick ass. No matter the up or downs I’ve loved it all. I love the pain, the long hours, the burn, the PR’s, and even that overwhelming feeling of wanting to give up. I think the overwhelming is my favorite. Reason being, I don’t know, I turn on the crazy, there is another side of me that looks at that person and gives this creepy smile and says “You think I cant do this? Bring it. Its what I live for my friend.”.


In general, training is going good. I’m looking forward to the last couple of weeks going into Ironman Arizona. There are things I am nervous about, honestly, my run. The Friday after returning home from IMCDA, I was feeling so good, and felt as though the run was taken away from me (you’ll one day read why in my IMCDA race report that I HAVE completed but for some reason cant press publish), that I jumped on the treadmill and just hauled for 6 miles. I paid the price by injuring my left hip flexor.

Its taken a long time to really come back from that. I don’t like the word “injury” because I feel like I am giving it a name, and acknowledging it. But in the end its what it is. But don’t think about it, and don’t even look at it, Ive given it enough love & rest, totally not pampering it any more! (selfish little flexor).


With the injury, my training has been quite different this round. My coach has me working in much lower HR zones that I am used to, focused more on strength in the gym, have gotten crazy on my bike, and letting time in the pool bring my swim together.

I feel like I’ve biked harder than before and have tenderly loved my run. I have no clue what will happen at IMAZ, all I know and have been told is to listen to my heart rate, and things will come together <— So now you know my race plan 😉


Nutrition has been key, as always. After a failed 2013 racing year, and pretty much being sick the entire time, I now know what NOT to do. I almost feel like a child with allergies and have to be careful with everything I put into my mouth, being aware on what it will do it me. A lot of people has asked my nutrition, and here it is in a nut shell:

MORNING: Sweet potato, 3 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, 1 avocado and 1 Red Bull
PRE-WORKOUT: 1 scoop of each the protein and regular Genucan.
BIKE RIDES: Every 30 minutes 2 Fig Newtons, every 1:15 a double bottle concentrate of protein GENUCAN, and about halfway through LONG rides I’ll have a bottle of regular GENUCAN. Drinking water/gatorade every 10 minutes.
RUN: If coming off the bike I’ll make sure Ive had a GENUCAN (at least half a double concentrate bottle) at least 15 minutes before getting off the bike (gives time for it to settle and not slosh around), then half a FIG bar (100% Figs) every 30 minutes (this time around rolling them in sea salt, lack of salt at IMCDA was my demise), and water/gatorade every 10 minutes (every mile).

Thats EVERYTHING I do. Oh, and don’t forget my caffeine. There is ALWAYS caffeine involved.


Please note that my nutrition may or MAY NOT work for you. You need to TEST YOUR nutrition EVERYTIME you train. Also I look at nutrition, well as NUTRITION. Some people don’t like the taste or consistency of GENUCAN <— Honestly I hate the consistency (the flavors have gotten better), but its not there for me to sip on and be a whiny little punk on the flavor, when I take my nutrition I take it fast, knowing I need calories. I feel like I “use” it, I don’t care what it is, it needs to FUEL my body. Also spending time eating a lot of shit, is a waste of time. Its NOT time to have a picnic. Only reason I take the fig newtons is to trick my body into thinking its getting real food, and gives a little substance to my stomach.

Also when you are carrying a picnic you have problems like these (a piece of my IMCDA race report):
On my cycling jersey went, genucan bottle full in my back pocket, inhaler, ibuprofen, lube and… and… My damn fig newtons, I have a shit ton of them, where the hell are they gonna fit?!  There was a lady there staring at me and I know she had been watching me and thinking “HA! What is she gonna do now?”, “Ill shove em down my bra!” <– I shouted that like EUREKA! And thats what I did. There is nothing in there anyways, so a ziplock bag full of fig newtons fit perfectly.

Not everyone has my approach or thoughts on my nutrition. Its not there to taste good, its there to give my body what it needs. When you are racing, well you are RACING, not at a buffet.

IMG_0745IMG_0736This post, may or may not have been informative into my training. But as a friend recently said “Its YOUR training, you don’t have to give that to anyone”. She was absolutely right. Its my training, I’ll be selfish. Just know, like I said above, I love it.


My 16 Year Old Self and A-Holes

Untitled**Yeah, I don’t know why I took it, but glad I did because there are NO other photos for this post. I have no photos of my 16 year self and assholes**

I cried while running today…

Well there were tears randomly throughout, and then around mile 4, 15 seconds of sobbing.

I’m crazy. <— Thats just how I feel. The past couple of days Ive had my earplugs in again (muffling the world me). All I am worrying about is not having got in my workouts to the fullest, or keeping up with the kids, or… or…

Total zombie mode. I knew it was bad this morning. While taking the kids to school, I knew I would need to make a phone call to someone to get me calm. I need to TALK to someone other than kids. But once I started talking I knew I would break down. Surprisingly one of the people on my go-to call list needed to Skype with me (Thanks Coach Jeff, and nice seeing you, Rick!). We went over a new training platform, and talked about the upcoming months, and slightly about my sanity.

Once the Skype call was over I felt, OK. Not great, just ok. Received an email from Mark, which was nice, it had attached to it a little “honey-do list”. First thing was dropping off paper work to our housing office because we got a home on base (yay! Kinda a big deal!). This means breaking a lease, but Florida state law dictates that if you are eligible or opt in to move into government housing, the lease can be broken.

So after being sent to the managers office, sat down and explained that I would be be putting in a 30 days notice, and handed over appropriate paperwork, the manager jumped up, hurried to his file cabinet and said “According to OUR leasing agreement, you CANT do that”.

Lets stop here, remember I am just kinda in the dumps, I really don’t know what is wrong with me, I am sad, I have a list (like 2 people) of people waiting to be called because I am about to have a full blown panic attack…. Then this guy says that I CANT do something. Well I flipped the switch to my humanity (total Vampire Diaries line, get with the program), and nearly lost my shit.

Don’t worry I kept calm, but I was boiling inside. I had kindly brought in my paperwork, and even a copy of the STATE law, I thought it could have been a smooth process. Then this guy wants to tell me I signed a contract saying that I could not do something. Why do you want to fight?

Apparently they might have updated their leasing agreement stating these terms, but MY agreement says other wise. He even dug up a copy of my lease and said these things (like I would NOT be getting out of my agreement):
1.” He HAS to be active duty” <—- “He IS active duty”.
2. ” Well then he has to be deployed with a military unit for 90 days or more” <—- “He IS leaving me for 9 MONTHS.”
3. “You have to be eligible or opt in to an military agreement if housing was issued” <—-“THIS is what THIS paper states

He still made it seem like it wasn’t going to happen and that my paperwork was insufficient. I said I would call the military housing , and bring in “proper” paperwork. Thank you.

By the time I got home, I walked in, I starting tearing up. I felt as though I was pushed into a corner, that someone was going to snag our happy dream of getting a home on base away because this guy didn’t want to abide by the law. Confused I made the proper phone calls, was told the paper work I was given WAS the paperwork needed, and that those people were probably pushing me around. <—- I was being pushed around.

After the phone calls, I was so overwhelmed. Not sure what to do, and I just cant call Mark up and ask him what we should do next. So I thought, I’ll call Lisa, but I was scared I would start sobbing, not make any sense, and then the phone call would be useless (normally I would Facebook message, but I needed to TALK), so then with tears in my eyes, I pulled up my moms phone number and called her.

You know, I kinda try and sound tough “Hey whats up!” “Ah nothing here I–” <– cut short by me saying “You won’t believe this asshole over here telling me I CANT DO SOMETHING” (all tough). Then crying “MOM! I am losing my shit here, I am going crazy I am so sad, that guy was the last string, I am having a panic attack (at this point my throat started to tighten up, so I was REALLY having an attack), AHH MY THROAT! AHHH **insert choking/crying sounds** AH! MOM! AH!” <—As I sit here, I am laughing my ass off because I have to picture my self here, in my running clothes, visor on, big cry baby face, 29 years old, crying to my mom, then grabbing my throat as if someone is choking me, all the while I still have the phone against my ear, LOL, ah, its funny NOW… Thought I was gonna die 2 hours ago.

In the end my mom calmed me down, agreed the guy was an asshole (sometimes you need someone just to agree that “yes, that person is an asshole”), and that in the end you cant break STATE law and everything would be fine.

Then she said, “Do you need to run?” <— I had actually been getting ready to run, I already knew that I NEEDED to. Not because its on my schedule (because it isn’t) but because its while running that I find myself. Its running that brings Christina back to center, tells her toughen up, and things will be fine.

Its not the first time that with tears in my eyes, or to battle tears coming on that I turned to running to help me…

You know everyone shares their “Why I started running” stories or “What made me decide to do a triathlon”, and … They all sound the same to me. They all sound happy. They did it for someone else. They battled cancer. They lost weight. I ran because I needed to hide from things at home…

Normally I tell people I started running when I met Mark, so we both had something to do together, but truthfully I started running when I was 16. I lived in a state of anxiety and fear when I was younger. I was confused, I was scared. “Normal” wasn’t a word used to describe how I grew up. The biggest drive for my mom, was for me to play softball, but I hated it. I used it as an excuse though to NOT be home. To be doing something, to get the endorphins going so I was in SOME state of happy, though I hated it all the same. So I would say I was going “running” to be let out of the house, and I did go run, but not for the workout to keep me in shape for softball, but so I could be out of the house, then run HARD and feel the burn and hope it take the sad away. I didn’t look at running as RUNNING, it was an escape, this is what my mind and body wanted to do, I wanted to run away.

I always ran the same route, and I would always cry. I actually had designated cry zones, I knew the tears would come, but I cant be flying down Foothill Blvd (big street) with tears in my eyes. I would have hot tears while running by my middle school. It’s here in the cry zone that I would imagine my future self running with me, she would come because I needed reassurance that things WOULD be better, that I would be happy one day, I imagined my future self because she is the only person I trusted. Deep down I knew I would grow up one day and be out of this mess, so I needed to imagine I would be happy one day. Hell I imagined her telling me jokes, she was so strong and laugh things off, most important she promised me things would be o.k. . By the time I got up to Foothill I’d wipe the tears away then run as hard as I could to my first street where I would run up to Hillcrest.

I chose my route based on memories that made me happy, and by peoples houses that were “normal” and had let me in and let me experience what a normal family was like. It was up in the foothills that I ran away from my problems, and was just happy running up a damn hill. I also chose these streets because I felt safe knowing that the next block held someone I knew so if something was wrong, I had a house to run to.

First street was the street of the boy who was my first kiss, I would always run by his house so embarrassed, and just think how funny the whole situation was. Once I got to the top of the hill I would make a right, this street was always cooler, I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t running up hill anymore, or that it had a breeze, but it was the favorite part of my run. Beautiful “homey” houses, and I would name everyone I knew that lived either down or up the intersecting streets.

My half way point was was a big white house that lived a family that forever will be in my heart for so many reasons. It was always a warm and inviting place, so it was a happy mid-way point, “my half-way happy”. I continue on to Ivy (name of street), its here I would stop and stand in the middle of the street and look down into the  valley. It was so beautiful right there. No matter how unhappy I had been, by this time, I had no clue why I started running, and would just stare at the lights below. I walked down the most part of Ivy, it was a little steep and just killed my knees, plus I was always scared I would trip and break my ankle, then my mom would kill me. Also I loved the houses. I loved looking into the homes of “normal” people with “nice” things, people that seemed “happy”. Every other run I would choose a different house I would live in….

Coming back down into where I lived I slowly brought myself to reality. Back to the real world where the endorphins were rushing through me leaving me feel strong, and mentally ready to tackle whatever was to come. I always sprinted the last block home. It was thrilling, even now I remember the feeling, the smell, the sweat on my forehead, my ponytail …

Thats how it started, my happy place. Coach Jeff would always say, “You hate running”, no not true. Running is so much more to me than a sport, its my life, its my peace.

So yes, mom. I did need a run, and I happily ran my heart out on my treadmill. WAAAY harder than I should have but I needed it, who gives a shit about heart rate, I ran to where I needed to feel a little burn, its that burn that makes things better. It “burns” out the crazy.

Ya know, people always comment or ask : “how can you run on a treadmill?“.  I normally say something like its good mental training and allergies get to me (which they do), but in reality I dont run on a treadmill, I run the streets I grew up on with a 16 year girl who didn’t know who she was. I tell her jokes, give her strenghth, and reassure her that things will be better. ” Chris, you will be stronger, you will be loved, I promise God has so much in store for you, but let’s run faster because I love this hill…”

Pumpkins, Casper and Popcorn


If there is one random fact I could share with you about Chloe, its that she doesn’t forget ANYTHING. As for me, I cant find car keys that are IN MY HAND, and or I cant find my phone though I am talking to someone while freaking out… Yeah, thats me.

So Chloe kindly reminded me this morning that at one point (probably during a major freak out, where I just wanted peace and quiet) I promised that we would decorate for halloween, and that I promised to do it today because it was a short day at school. She said all that “matter-of-factly”, I just looked at her, squinted my eyes and said “FINE! NOW PLEASE PUT ON YOUR SOCKS AND SHOES!!”


My day was packed, going to doctors appointments (where I happened to be at the wrong clinic), getting new outfits for picture day (I swear they have worn down everything they own), and then sitting in the parking lot of Target emailing Mark trying to explain to him that I promised a magical Halloween decorating day, and if I don’t pull through I will fail as a mother <— It was hot, I was having a melt down, and these decorations were the source.

I will braggingly say that I didn’t buy ANYTHING extra while at Target! HA! I did something BETTER. I actually LEFT a bag of groceries there! <— Paying it forward, but I don’t really think I needed the Pillsbury peanut butter cookies with Reeses pieces (OMG that sounds so good right now…). There WERE a bag of brussel sprouts though …. egh, screw the sprouts! EAT ALL THE COOKIES!!

I was the hero of the day though. First thing they asked when they got in the car “ARE WE DECORATING FOR HALLOWEEN!?!”, I looked in the rear view mirror, smiled and said “look in the back”, to their amazement there were 3 perfectly shaped pumpkins. Then Chloe says “YAY! I cant wait to paint them!” <—- I didn’t buy paint, but pre-cut out decorations, I knew at that moment that tonight could either be amazing or an epic fail.UntitledUntitled

So it was sorta kinda a win. Mark had wanted to carve, Chloe wanted to paint, I made no one happy BUT either of them got what they wanted, so the other one couldn’t be jealous! I am the only one that sees the brilliance in that? Muahahahaha <– Mad scientist laugh!

Oh, and I pretty much made the dinosaur, and Chloe did most of her spider! The favorite part of the night for the kids was putting on the felt pieces to our skeleton! Totally worth the $10 at Target.

UntitledUntitledWe are now decorated for Halloween (well somewhat). The kids are happy as clams, and I am content and totally digging these skeleton lights! Plus topping off the night with a bowl of popcorn and the movie Casper equals the PERFECT October day 🙂

I have school photos to prep for tomorrow…. Wish me luck, because when I was growing up Picture Day was ALWAYS a nightmare.

P.S Hey Babe! Thanks for reading! We miss you!

Once There Was a Girl and Her Yarn…


Want to know a way to NOT accomplish anything (well chores)? Learn to knit.

Let me tell you a story:

There once was a girl that had a closet full of yarn and clothing. It was beautiful. Mounds of colors and textures that bring happiness to the fingers that touch them. One day this girl was sick and in her bathroom staring at the sickness take over her face and suck the life out of what she thought was a strong body. While looking into the mirror she caught a glimpse of something bright within her closet.


She entered her closet and looked up on the shelf, where she then pulled on the bright texture… It was beautiful yarn. As she pulled out the yarn she didn’t realize it was a booby-trap that she had created in the past, that sent of a rubbermaid tub full of yarn down onto her head, knocking her onto the ground, where she ended up breaking a hanger in her ass (no lie). Though writhing in pain, and pissed about another broken hanger (she has a lot of clothes, those things are precious) she was surrounded by yarn all shapes and sizes…. also bags of half finished projects.

IMG_0689IMG_0682The poor girl with nothing to do but suck on her inhaler scooped up the yarn and project bags and shuffled to the couch. It is here that she started knitting away… and away…

The story doesn’t end. If you didn’t realize the “girl” is ME. I haven’t stopped knitting since I was sick 2 weeks ago. I’ve finished some projects, need to block a few, and have a pile of hats just chillin’ with no one to wear them. Though I’ve designated a few to a couple of Facebook friends (why did I have to say “Facebook” friends? I should be able to just say friends), and a pretty little girl named Emma, I still have some that need a home.

Would you like a hand knit cap?  <— Thats a dumb question. Who wouldn’t? Well I am sending some out, but I have no clue who reads this blog! So drop a comment!

Will also be posting some for donations!<— Need to raise/earn some money for some upcoming adventures! A lot of detail and pretty yarn goes into each project, totally worth a couple of cups of coffee to get a girl to a 100 Mile Paddle.

Don’t want a hat because you are already a bad ass knitter? <— Good for you! Share them on my wall because I want to see some bad ass caps/shawls/mittens/afghans/creatures/sweaters/socks!

P.S I miss my witty knitting group!
P.S.S Yes, I do wear sunglasses in my house with caps on when one has not had AT LEAST put her mascara on!