Sherpa Duty: Ironman Augusta 70.3 2014


First thing: I completely SUCK at being a sherpa. LIke ROYALLY suck. This is your warning NOW, that I am not skilled at being a million places at once, especially toting around ship exhausted husband, 2 psychotic kids and your mom.

Will I go and cheer you on? Yes, though I think I suck at cheering too. Deep down inside I am freaking out excited, but I may be one of the WORST people on expressing emotions. Its not that I don’t care, its just, well sometimes I don’t know HOW to express things.


Second: HUGE CONGRATS to TORI and JENNA for completing their FIRST 70.3 distance triathlon. Breaking into the “Ironman” distance races is a HUGE accomplishment, not only in THAT day of racing, but in completing all the training going into that day. I really look at race day as the easy part <— I know that sounds crazy, but other than nerves, you’ve been working your ass off for months, so after a taper, a race is probably the most glorious moment of that time in your life.

Both women hit their goals! BOOM! DONE! Both athletes I am very proud of 🙂 <– Again hard at expressing emotions at times, but know that my heart soars for you both. I love the Ironman race circuit and am so happy that I was able to be part of your experience.


Race day was magical, as always. Inside I was hopping around in my own wetsuit (like Tori above), wanting anxiously to get into that smooth FLOWING water. Both ladies seem to roll with everything around them. Jenna had a smile, and Tori … well Tori you had me freaking out. Tori is a SUPER PLANNER (I am NOT), but Tori is a bad ass, sometimes Tori is so busy PLANNING she forgets the bad ass part and things can be crazy. This leaves me anxious, thinking “Everything is fine! You got this! No more questions! You know the answer! Don’t your know you’re a bad ass?! YOURE FREAKING ME OUT!” <— outside I look totally calm (or not).

This was her race, I’d been there for time rolling into it, she happily shared worries and frustrations, its my job to pretty much say “You’re fine. There is nothing left to do now but RACE”. This being the second race I have had sherpa duties for her (I sucked at that one too), and was waiting, waiting for her to flip the SWITCH. That switch turns worry planner Tori into, killer bad ass triathlete.

She didn’t flip that switch till she was zipped up into her wetsuit and about to join the other women in her swim wave. It was magical and relieving to see the mental transition. She stood there hopping around like a boxer, and you could see everything shift to the moment at hand. I was so happy and also thinking “JESUS TORI!! Waiting till last minute with that I see!!!”, but all I do is place the fist pump and nod as she took off to be with their rest of the masses entering the water.

I won’t go into details of the havoc I went through shuffling around the SHUTDOWN city of Augusta, getting everyone into place, and desperately trying to locate both Tori & Jenna with the Irontracker (which sucks, was it just me or splits WAY behind). It was a nightmare.  But I was so happy to be there for both Tori and Jenna, to see them come out of the water. I missed transition, but got to see both on the run. Tori was happy as a clam, and Jenna coming off some nutrition issues still got shit done and pulled through. You guys are amazing.

UntitledBoth before getting into Augusta and on the way home Tori, her mom and child kitties stayed at my place. Thank you for stopping through! It truly makes me so happy to have guests 🙂

So yeah, I sucked at not posting splits, or pictures! You see the pics above? THATS ALL I TOOK! Normally I have my phone out for everything, but trust me, it was crazy. Also I apologize for not having the damn sandals for after the race!! <— Again, sherpa duties are harder than actually racing.

Was grateful for the experience, and also thankful Mark came off of pulling into port and shuffling up to Augusta with me 🙂 Kinda helped that he forgot my birthday and couldn’t tell me no. All things happen for a reason right?

One last thing, congrats to both Larissa and Megan, I followed along with both your training and am so very sorry I couldn’t meet up with you! I really did want to track you both down, but I think we were all kinda busy! CONGRATS!


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