Pumpkins, Casper and Popcorn


If there is one random fact I could share with you about Chloe, its that she doesn’t forget ANYTHING. As for me, I cant find car keys that are IN MY HAND, and or I cant find my phone though I am talking to someone while freaking out… Yeah, thats me.

So Chloe kindly reminded me this morning that at one point (probably during a major freak out, where I just wanted peace and quiet) I promised that we would decorate for halloween, and that I promised to do it today because it was a short day at school. She said all that “matter-of-factly”, I just looked at her, squinted my eyes and said “FINE! NOW PLEASE PUT ON YOUR SOCKS AND SHOES!!”


My day was packed, going to doctors appointments (where I happened to be at the wrong clinic), getting new outfits for picture day (I swear they have worn down everything they own), and then sitting in the parking lot of Target emailing Mark trying to explain to him that I promised a magical Halloween decorating day, and if I don’t pull through I will fail as a mother <— It was hot, I was having a melt down, and these decorations were the source.

I will braggingly say that I didn’t buy ANYTHING extra while at Target! HA! I did something BETTER. I actually LEFT a bag of groceries there! <— Paying it forward, but I don’t really think I needed the Pillsbury peanut butter cookies with Reeses pieces (OMG that sounds so good right now…). There WERE a bag of brussel sprouts though …. egh, screw the sprouts! EAT ALL THE COOKIES!!

I was the hero of the day though. First thing they asked when they got in the car “ARE WE DECORATING FOR HALLOWEEN!?!”, I looked in the rear view mirror, smiled and said “look in the back”, to their amazement there were 3 perfectly shaped pumpkins. Then Chloe says “YAY! I cant wait to paint them!” <—- I didn’t buy paint, but pre-cut out decorations, I knew at that moment that tonight could either be amazing or an epic fail.UntitledUntitled

So it was sorta kinda a win. Mark had wanted to carve, Chloe wanted to paint, I made no one happy BUT either of them got what they wanted, so the other one couldn’t be jealous! I am the only one that sees the brilliance in that? Muahahahaha <– Mad scientist laugh!

Oh, and I pretty much made the dinosaur, and Chloe did most of her spider! The favorite part of the night for the kids was putting on the felt pieces to our skeleton! Totally worth the $10 at Target.

UntitledUntitledWe are now decorated for Halloween (well somewhat). The kids are happy as clams, and I am content and totally digging these skeleton lights! Plus topping off the night with a bowl of popcorn and the movie Casper equals the PERFECT October day 🙂

I have school photos to prep for tomorrow…. Wish me luck, because when I was growing up Picture Day was ALWAYS a nightmare.

P.S Hey Babe! Thanks for reading! We miss you!


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