You, Me & The Vancouver USA Marathon

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.19.39 AMBoom! I don’t know what happened, BUT I am honored (thrilled/freaking out/back flips/karate chop) to be one of the Ambassadors for the Vancouver USA Marathon in June 2015!

What does this mean? This means, that my first OFFICIAL marathon (does running one after swimming 2.4 miles, and biking 112 miles count?) will be in Vancouver, Washington, at a Runners World selected marathon, that just so happens to have a summer brewfest! C’mon! Party!

Plus super close to Portland, and a road trip to Vancouver, Canada…. Whoa man. So much could happen! I don’t even know *running around going cray*.

But hey, I kinda don’t want to do this by myself… Anyone up for a Summer west coast vacation? I know I have a lot of West Coast friends! This gal right here looking for a roomie!

<——(pointing arrow at myself) Your training accountability partner right here! There is a half marathon option as well.

OK, just wanted to update you on that, and plant a little seed in your brain about your plans for June. I’ll fill you in on more when I learn more…


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