UntitledToday I got a “friendly” reminder on why I am knitting all these magical caps.

I also got a friendly reminder that no one owns me, and that we control our own lives. I feel as though I could easily be a dog, tuck my tail between my legs, walk away, then lay there with my head on my feet, waiting and hoping for change, but will obediently sit there until beckoned or owner feels bad enough to take me outside to throw the ball around.

Honestly, yes, I guess you can say that EVERYTHING that I do is selfish. Though I really don’t look at it that way, I TRULY look at everything I do, as something that helps me survive, and not just ME, but for my little family.

I am not a single mom. But it has just been the kids and I for awhile, and it will be for awhile longer. I am totally ok with that. I knew what I was getting into. At the same time, though my family is paused in happiness together, it doesn’t mean that one should stop living and chasing dreams.

I don’t know what I am really trying to say…. I am trying to be calm… but there is a little psycho person with deranged eyes, hair in dreds w/rainbow colors running around inside of me with protest signs proclaiming “DOWN WITH NORMAL“. This same little person sets shit on fire, then laughs at it like a mad scientist.

Don’t EVER let ANYONE set limitations on you. Be whoever you want to be in your dreams. If you truly want it, you CAN and WILL make it happen… Even if you have to knit 77 knit caps….


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