This and That and This


Holy crap! I had an entire blog post and it didn’t save. Seriously, I could run around pulling out my hair because of something stupid like that!

AHHHHHHHH *fists in the air* Agggghhhhhhhh *fists pulling hair* (insert showing a donut down my throat, I am so hungry).

I am still switching back and forth screens hoping it will magically appear. 

Well I know I started off the post talking about how I have been raging in a GOOD way, NOW though… not good. I had blamed the Eminem song I had on repeat, but now I blame wordpress.

O.K… I am over it (not really).

Just want to fill everyone in! Less than 2 weeks to IRONMAN ARIZONA!! Everyone have a face that is just as shocked as mine?

Going through taper, I have a couple of things going on.

  1. Moving: Yep. We don’t like to stay still. Also we love to move within the confines of our duty area. We are moving on base! YAY! This is great! I get a 2 car garage <—key. Plus we are now less than the amount of fingers on one hand, in minutes, away from the beach!
  2. Knitting: Yeah, I have 11 caps to get in before race… It will probably be more around 9 caps. But I do have a calendar, and days (with all your names) scheduled in. Though with crazy taper, and packing, well things are slowing me down. I am so sorry.
  3. Lovey Home!: At some point the hubs gets home! I am so excited, and sad, because I pretty much dump the world on him then jump onto an airplane to do an Ironman. For the 100th time, I am sorry my love, but thank you.
  4. In-Laws: Lets make this fun and throw my in-laws coming to visit as well. Though to some its a stressful mess, I am REALLY excited… and a little stressed. I don’t need guests sleeping in boxes like cats… but they do like cats…

Yeah, it seems WAY more than what I just numbered off. But most of that is by myself, with the kids. Oh! And Boy Scouts, after school activities, youth center, TRAINING…. Who wants to jump on my crazy train?

I am going to get a little better with posting in the upcoming months. A lot is going on, and I know I will need a place to express myself/vent. Also this month is National Writing Month! Though I am NOT writing a novel, I do somewhat look at myself as a writer (kinda). So along with probably a million other bloggers I plan on concentrating my thoughts down into this blog this month. With as much as I have going on… Well it COULD very well be a novel. Would you be interested in reading it? I am sure there will be happy, sad, struggles, adventure, love <— Everything that makes up a great book.

Seriously, would you read? YOU just might inspire me to put my thoughts down 🙂


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