Awkward Moments: Bike Selfie


If you have yet to meet me, I live in a life of awkward moments. Most of them happening because I say the wrong thing (sarcastic humor not everyone gets), or end up falling into the wrong place wrong time (which I then try to change as something crazy… and HAPPY). OR my facial expressions just get me into trouble.

Lately with taper I am on EDGE. Like crazy squirrel on edge, and I cut back caffeine.

So yesterday I had to take my bike into the bike shop for Tri Bike Transport to pick up and escort my magical bike to Ironman Arizona. Its a scary moment. First, I have to take her off the trainer. When I do this, I realize that I have rode EVERY ride (other than a 30 miler with Tori in Key West) on my trainer. Does this scare me? No. Actually I feel good about it, also I cant complain because most of my training time is either before or after the kids wake up and I just cant leave them in the house alone.

As a final hooray before I leave her with strangers, we take a selfie together.

The location of this selfie was in the hallway of my apartment. As I am sitting out there, on the floor, holding my camera up like a fool (with the face you see above), my neighbor decides to open his door.

Awkward moment. Awkward because I slowly turn around to look at him, and he just stops and stares at me. Visual : The guy looks exactly like Hugo from Lost, but better looking. We stop and stare at each other, and I know he is going to either be a dick, or have a smart ass comment.

Neighbor: “Are you taking a selfie with your bike?
Me (somewhat prepared for smart ass comeback): “I believe the question is, why aren’t YOU taking a picture with YOUR bike?”
Neighbor: “Because I don’t own a bike”
Me: “Touche…..Umm, yeah, let me get out of your doorstep…”

He ended up slowly just backing into his apartment, and SLOWLY shutting the door. I think he might have already known I was a little off, but this just confirmed his suspicions. I just ended up throwing my bike on my shoulder and hustling down stairs.

Am I the only one this happens to? Does this happen to you? Or are you one of the lucky spectators that luckily walk in on awkward moments only to be entertained?

I ended up getting to my bike shop, happily hand her over, only to pay an additional $$$ for crap I should have gotten done earlier, which then whirls me into stress mode…That damn bike is spoiled…. I already miss that damn bike…

That was only a small awkward moment of many yet to come….

Again, are you a spectator or awkward moment generator?




One thought on “Awkward Moments: Bike Selfie

  1. Debra Botson-Castaneda

    I worked nights as an RN for most of my life. In my now later years and separated from my husband of 20 years I of course sleep during the day. One mid afternoon, I got up and wanted a Dr. Pepper so I push the soccer sock up off my eyes and waddled out of my room heading through the living room to the kitchen for a raid on the fridge. Now I am about 175lbs in a 3x tee shirt with no chonies on. Half way through the living room I see my 17 yo son sitting on the love seat with a very strange look on his face. I look at the other couch and there is my not quite EX WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND sitting on my couch. Wonderful I am half naked with HER in my living room. I responded in a typical manner “What the F*** are you doing on my couch.” Then a speedy retreat.
    I now check my living room before I walk through it AND for the first time in 50 years I always sleep in underwear.
    So you see where my daughter gets it from. Genetics……………………………………



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