Awkward Moments: Admiral


I’m officially starting a series of awkward moments…

This moment happened last week, I meant to tell SOMEONE when I got out of the pool, but I totally forgot. It wasn’t till I was in today did I remember…

The picture above is my pool, I want you to visualize me coming off a set, in my recovery phase, just staring into the wall. You know holding on to the side for dear life wondering if your arms are going to recover, and you are pretty sure you cant do another 500 meters and that pace again… I was in that moment.

Same moment I realize I am flanked on both sides by other swimmers, and they too were in recovery set, till one took off his goggles, looked over me to the other guy and said..

“Admiral” <– With a nod and respect.
The then Admiral takes off his goggles, looks at the other guy and…
“Admiral”<—With a nod and respect.
This then leaves in me the middle of 2 admirals, am I supposed to say something? I do…
“Admirals” <—- With a nod and respect.

?!?!?!?! It was weird, I thought it would be rude to NOT say anything!

Then 1st Admiral says “Admiral, where are all your ships?” (so apparently this dude is the base Admiral). I think “eh, good question”, so I turn to the other Admiral and look at him for an answer, “Doing work like they should be doing.”, Now I turn back to the other Admiral and catch him looking at me… I then turn back to the other one and HE’S looking at me….

This is when I get the weird vibe and decided that I should just get out of the pool.

“Have a good day, Admirals”, as my arms are still jelly and I struggle getting my arse out the pool without looking like a weakling. Because heaven forbid I just swim under the lane dividers and use the ladder…

This is officially Awkward Moment #1 … I am going to start counting these things up…




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