Thank You, Sticky Kid, Know-It-Alls and Dynamite


So lets start with the most recent, then I’ll work my way back (or kinda recent, who needs order?).

This week has been a little huge, like a big deal, but not. The first of the #GETKNITTYWITHIT Caps got to their first noggins. I’ve been holding my breathe nervous. If I was with you, I would be staring at you, hands up to my mouth, eyes huge, all just waiting to see what your first thoughts were when opening up your package and trying on your caps! Everyone seems to be happy, and look TOTALLY rad! <— Insert my big ole cool aid grin, because as I have said a MILLION times, “Thank you, and I am SO HAPPY you are HAPPY!”.

Also, boom, its Thursday and I got Knitty Cap numbers 15-18 done, and have #19 cast on! Baller! Raise the roof! <— Just let go of the laptop to raise the roof, laptop started falling, tried catching it by jamming it into my shins, corner of laptop landed right onto my big toe nail. AHHHHHH!!! **Note to self: You don’t actually have to do the hand movements**.


Another thank you to amazing friends that randomly send me cool things. I’ve received the most random things. All are just perfect. But maybe your really just telling me to hurry up with your knitty cap, I see the game now. Seriously though, my eyes get tears even with the goofiest of cards I get in the mail. They also seem to come when I am borderline freaking out, and they bring me back to normal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It actually scares/amazes/makes me happy/shocks me that people think of me when they come across random things. Even when people send me funny things from the internet, I love it. Thank you for being my friends. It reminds me that I am not alone, and people are out there, caring. Blows my mind.


Random little story, wonder if it falls under awkward moments. Today I was waiting for the kids in the school cafeteria. They have art classes on Thursdays (note amazing artwork above), and I was happily waiting for them, of course in my own zone, knitting.

Then this random kid runs up to and stops abruptly. His face was red, hair sweaty, he looked sticky…
Kid: “Thats knitting.”
Me: “Yes, sir.” <— I kinda pause, I suck with talking to kids, so it wasn’t a big happy “YES SIR” with a grin, but a “yes, sir, I am barely looking at you so please float away”
Kid: “My grandma knits” <—- I knew at that moment things were going to get real.
Me: “Well thats super cool”, I am still knitting, trying not to make eye contact…. please float away… you are so sticky…
Kid: “My grandma knits better then that, and its bigger.”

This is where I stop knitting, look up at him, and just LOOK. I know he can read the CRAZY thats behind my eyes, because what I am saying (with a New York accent. Yes, inner Christina has accents) is, “Get outta here ya little shit, Im WORKIN’ here!”. He got the message within my eyes, and TOOK OFF.

The term “little shit” applies perfectly to that kid… “My grandma knits better than that…” (me mocking him), well your grandma….uh…. SHES OLD. Really I don’t know what to say. She is probably an AMAZING knitter, that knits an itchy wool Christmas sweater for her grandkids every year. Thats a bad ass grandma… Someone please knit me an itchy wool Christmas sweater, I promise I’ll wear it everyday in December (and probably January).


You see those boxes? I took that picture Monday (maybe Tuesday, who knows). Those suckers are still there. I keep moving them from one side of the kitchen to the other. What NEEDS to be happening is me PACKING this house up.

I am the Queen (capital “Q”) of procrastination. I keep saying “I can do it tomorrow. If I push it till tomorrow, I can get in 6 solid hours of knitting….and Ancient Aliens”. Whats going to happen, is Mark is gonna get home, NO, scratch that. What REALLY will be happen is I will stay up all night, the night BEFORE he gets home and be packing, so when he comes home it looks like I have done so much. Its kinda the truth, I just need a fire up my ass to get me going…


See my happy little scouts? Aren’t they adorable? Chloe isn’t officially a scout, but a “Scout Buddy”. This past week they went on an outing to the Animal clinic. It was complete MAYHEM. Put a bunch of little boys together, and they turn in a savage pack.

Of course with me standing there, Mark kept his cool, and plus he isn’t much of a pack runner. What he (and Chloe) happened to be that day were know-it-alls. We watch A LOT of the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet. My kids are random fact generators (just had conference meeting with BOTH Mark’s teachers and they are just both amazed & entertained with the facts he knows<— proud mom, but admitted we watch a good amount of TV).

The kids were pros and seemed to know a little bit of EVERYTHING. Hell we started off the trip with the Vet coming out and explaining what they do at the clinic… In between breathes, Chloe steps forward and says, with her arms kinda up and out…
“So kinda like a vet.” <— Very matter of factly.
This then has me lean over, pull her close and say into her ear, “Baby, he IS the VET”. She says “Oh, ok, because thats what it sounded like”. Everyone got a laugh, but I just couldn’t believe she said that.

Also Mark nearly got into a fight with a kid over the compounds of DYNAMITE. The kid was saying he was going to blow something up a certain way, then Mark chimes in that he couldn’t do that, because thats not how it works. Other kid kept fighting back like “Yes, I can.”, and Mark (laying on the floor coloring) kept saying “No, thats not how it works. You cant do that. YOU CANT DO THAT”, Im watching the situation and have step in “HEY!! Calm down, Mark!”, “But Mom, he cant do that.

He then tried to explain why… Im watching him thinking that we now spend too much time watching the American Heroes network, I remember this past weekend watching a documentary on an assassination attempt on Hitler, they were trying to recreate it… dynamite was the topic… Little Mark watched the whole thing… Yeah.

UntitledBreathe. So yeah, a lot going on. There is ALWAYS something.

But how bad ass are those Distressed Mullet stickers?


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