Ironman Arizona 2014: Packet Pick Up!


Hello! Hola! Yes! I am fine! I am happy! Heaven forbid the world move smoothly, but all the little mishaps are just sprinkles on this delish cupcake called life! *I really want a cupcake*

I know I scared the crap out of some yesterday with my post first thing in the morning, coming from a deranged, stiff necked, sleepless, abuser of little toe nails. Yeah. I was a bit of a wreck. After destroying my little toe though, things came around, I packed my bags and got shit done.


I know I am missing a whole “en route” to Arizona post, but Ill get to that in the next post, I am hot off the IRONMAN ARIZONA expo and packet pickup, so lets talk about that.

First stop … well none of this was planned.  The initial goal was to just get there, and after driving around with Lisa’s mom, Anita, well I am glad we made it. Both Lisa and I get extremely car sick, and Anita was driving around the city (which she lives in) like she got plopped into the streets of Hong Kong and had NO CLUE where she was. Anita is the sweetest space cadet of a women I have yet to meet. She is all over the place, doesn’t stop moving, always thinking of the next step, while just thinking about the last step, the crazy thing is, YOU CAN SEE all this happening. Now see all this happening with 2 carsick women in the car. So again, arriving to packet pick up in one piece, with out throwing up, in my mind is a miracle. We only kicked the doors down once arriving and stood up, both gave each other a look, took a deep breath, acknowledged we weren’t going to fall out then happily slung on our gear bags and rolled into Ironman village…

Once arriving at the expo our “kinda” plans were was to be dropped off at 11 am , pick up packets, maybe ride our bikes… But in reality we floated around the expo, first getting buffed out, picked up goggles (Cause mine are DEAD. Yes, goggles die), said HOLA to my coach Audra working at one of her sponsors booths then rolled into the death trap of a packet pick up tent.

*I am sure some of you are wondering where did Lisa come from, well you will learn in the post I should have done before this*UntitledUntitled

It wasn’t a complete death trap, but it was hot, I had my heavy ass gear bag, long pants (what the hell was I thinking), wild crazy hair everywhere… So I internally started to freak out. GIVE ME MY PACKET. Then of course, I get into the slowest line evah!

“Ma’m have you done an Ironman before?”
“Yes, sir!” <—- Old man giving me my packet. The reason its so LONG to pick up the packets is because they have to inform you where EVERY sticker goes, give you a wristband, tell you your next step, EXPLAIN the non-banquet (free money for food! Thank you). I am totally all about it, if its your first time, showing up at Ironman packet pickup is like your marching into the unknown and have no clue if you will be alive at the end of the day Sunday. But when he asked me if I had done an Ironman before I was hoping for a “Skip the redundant sticker business” free card….

Hell to the no. I patiently listened, and survived the tent. I know its not a big deal to some. But well….. They gave me a wristband, thats pretty important. Oh, and a pretty Jazzy bib with my name on it, check out that sexy thing.UntitledUntitled

After all was said and done, (can I proudly say that I ONLY spent $67 in the merchandise tent. HOLY HELL, right? I was so proud of myself that I even texted Mark “Aren’t you proud of me!?”) we got our chow on with the Fab 5 from Ohio (someone please remind me to give you a re-cap of IMAZ 2013 where we volunteered, it would explain a LOT of the random characters currently and coming up in my life the next couple of days. REMIND ME).  Then did some shopping at Urban Outfitters where I bought a “selfie” remote (Lisa, totally worth it).  PLease take note to the photo of Lisa and I above and how we shopped around downtown Tempe with our gear bags on our backs, and Ironman backpacks in front. Totally starting a new trend, or looked like complete idiots.



*Sigh* Now I have been dropped off at my hotel and am patiently waiting for both Tori (coming in to sherpa from KEY WEST) and Joe (who is coming down from Salt Lake City to race) so we can all cram into our tiny hotel room and plot for the upcoming days.

Its going to be exciting. I am excited and very happy. I had my best friend actually on the SAME flight with me into Arizona (wasn’t even planned) and got to spend the day with her. I get Tori coming in from so far away to just sherpa and volunteer, I think she is more excited than me. For the past couple of weeks I have received random texts and phone calls from her just reminding about the race coming up… Who needs to look at a calendar when you have a friend counting down the hours? Then there is my Mo-Bro Joe who is so not ready for this race (sorry Joe) but will become an Ironman this weekend.

And I AM RACING TOO! MUAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA…. ** I am jazzing out all alone in my hotel room** This WILL be an amazing weekend and it hasn’t even started yet!!


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