No Smudges, Only Splats.



I wanna say that I am not down with the cheesy quotes, but that would be lie. I think we all have a love/hate for the quotes that fill our newsfeed. The ones we love though, are the ones we feel resonate with us.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser” – I had to stare at that one. Usually I will roll on by them, but for some reason I stared at the sentence and just thought “How does this apply to me? I feel that this makes sense” <– You’re probably like DUH everything makes sense, but there are some out there that leave in a blonde moment “Yeah…. don’t really get it” (insert sideways face with one eyebrow up).

To me it means making the most of the splats. You know, where the paint spills one little drop on the perfect painting, and you are standing there screaming “NOOOOOOO!“, but someone will come up and 1.) Not notice the spot and or 2.) Point it out and say “Thats a bit of character right there”.

It is character. Our splats just happen, but you can either look at the splat with a squinty evil eye and hate your painting, or you just shrug and start flinging the paintbrush everywhere, making a ton of splats.

Splats are adventures, mistakes, the 5 inch hot red wedges you bought a size to big and cant wear because your feet are already huge enough….

Splats are also the unexpected. I love the unexpected. Unexpected moments are the twists in life. They are either a blessing, or leave you screaming on the side of a highway in Arizona “Are you effin kidding me!? C’mon!!“.

In the end though, things will be ok. You can put the paint brush down, breathe, but remember to open your eyes, take 2 steps back and see the life you have created. Its our own unique masterpiece. Its pretty gorgeous and awesome.

Plus who the hell uses an eraser anymore anyways? Always smudging things, I don’t want anything/anyone to be a smudge. Splats are cool, and can be appreciated.

Yep, no smudges, only splats.




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