UPDATE: Knitting, Deployment and Family


It was time, time for me to set my knitting down and just catch up on life. I feel as though I do this a lot here on the blog. Get wrapped up in life, then realize I haven’t updated my public hiding place. I only realize this to when I start getting a lot of questions, and concerns from people. “Hey girl, you ok?”, “Whats next?”, “So I haven’t seen anything on the blog, did you forget to take your crazy pills?”, “Wheres my cap?”, “I need reading material for my coffee. You alive?” <—- You guys are great.

I live in a new house people. When I came home from Arizona, I pulled up to a house I had never stepped into before. Its perfect. Though I was so happy in my little apartment, its nice to have a garage for all the gear, and have ALL my stuff (we had everything in lock down in storage).


Along with new house, unpacking, we had Marks parents in for Thanksgiving week. They were amazing. The kids were in a non stop happy mode. Paw Paw and Mark have the garage looking amazing, along with a whole side of the garage just for me to workout in. Plus Marks mom did all my laundry. She’s a machine. <— Nena you are like a little magical laundry fairy, yeah you dig through my life and maybe see some things your shouldnt, but small price to pay for clean laundry 🙂


Ive also got back to my knitting (I’m sure you noticed if you follow along on Facebook and Instagram). I had wanted to get knitting done on my Arizona trip, but that didn’t happen. I made a hat for Coach A on my first flight in, and then I didnt get crap done after that. So when I WAS able to pick up my knitting, it felt so good, like twirling my hair good (I have the quirk of twirling my hair, apparently its a coping/calming thing). Mmmm…. knit knit knit. It makes me so happy.


Though I have been knitting like a mad man, I feel as though I cant catch up. Just so you know I am plowing my way through Christmas caps at the moment (caps that people have indicated would be Christmas gifts). Also the waiting list is LONG. Which is a blessing, and thank you so much. I know some people want hats now, or would like to know their number… Well its a large number, and I would snag anything I put “Up for grabs”.

UntitledUntitledCaps that I put “Up for grabs” are caps in different styles/patterns that I have wanted to try. Also I have been using my own “free” time (once cap finished for allotted day is complete) to knit up something using yarn that has attracted me and maybe a different style.

Doing that has kept me happy. I don’t want to fall slave to my own system. Also its what I do for fun. And if you have ever met a knitter, she is more then likely to have at least 3 different projects going on at once.  Its no excuse…. Well, yes, it is an excuse. Just let me be happy 🙂

Did you know my Mark leaves for deployment? Yep. I’ve been quiet with deployments in the past. But this is a bigger one. I’ve been soaking up every chance I have with him. Even if that means putting down my knitting.

Yeah, thats another excuse on the slowness of my production (though I am still pumping out a cap a day). Family time is more important than knitted caps. Next week you can get on my ass though, Ill have PLENTY of time and no handsome husband to sidetrack me then.. Untitled

I have to give Mark credit this year for going out of his way to make things happen. We have just been spending a lot of family time together. Fitting things in that Mark will miss out on next year.

Ya know, I am grateful for all my military families that I have as friends. They know what is coming and are going through the same thing themselves. Its hard to explain. So I won’t. But just imagine a giant steel tin taking away your spouse for 9 months. Leaving you and your kiddos behind. <— That there sounded terrible. Really though, its an adventure. At least I choose to see it that way. I feel bad for the kids though, and only at the moments when we have break downs and I get a pair of big ole brown eyes look up at me, followed by “I MISS MY DADDY!!!!”, which I then get my legs taken out as she throws herself into me. UntitledUntitled

I’m happy people, and actually have A LOT to say. There are also A LOT of things coming up as well. I’ve jammed pack my year with challenges and events in hopes that before I know it, Mark will be back home with us.

Details will come…


For now please accept my apologies for lack of posting and or responding to messages. I promise I will have the time to be more attentive in a couple of days…

But for now I have to pack up a husband, smother him love, and make sure does any many dishes as he can … C’mon, he gets 9 months free of chores, I just want to keep him well rounded…


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