Just a Daily: Karate Chop, Missing Teeth and a Sew-Along?


You guys, today I woke up with a karate chop! Hi-YA!

No, really I did. I had just woke up, bright eyed and busy tailed (yep, this lady was asleep before 8 pm last night), was doing the internet addict thing of checking instagram/facebook/email before I even got out of bed, when I felt breathing on the back of my neck… “Hey Mom!, I nearly took out my little Mark. He gave me a big teeth-missing smile (he lost his second tooth yesterday at school), “Can I have some cereal?”

Of course my love.



Last night I was sitting in my comfy chair (above), knitting EXTREMELY slow. If you were watching me, you might have thought I was on slo-mo. I was just watching every step of each stitch, looking at the colors, and wondering “WHY THE HELL IS THIS RIBBING TAKING FOREVER?”.

Then I stopped, looked up and said (OUT LOUD) to myself, “Im tired”. It was only 6:30 pm, I was confused, but I knew I was exhausted. I got the kids into bed by 7 pm, and I don’t remember much after that. I think I tried reading, I couldn’t possible believe that I could go to sleep now. I normally lay in bed wide awake past midnight with a million things on my mind. Last night my body just gave up. It was done. Hell I still needed to get on the bike, make another hat… I was banking on the upcoming 5 hours I am normally awake.

IMG_9824IMG_9823Next thing I am abruptly woken up from an amazing dream by my alarm. 7 am. Whoa. Wow. I feel amazing. Heck the kids got themselves up (Mark scaring the crap out of me in my room). Well Chloe didn’t get out of bed, but she did wake up with a smile. Usually its like fighting a possessed child till she completely wakes up and realizes that this is the real world, and that her Mom has already been pushed over the edge of insanity within the 5 minutes she’s been awake.

Its a good morning people. Ive got laundry done <— Most of it FOLDED and put AWAY (holy shit, I know, high fives all around, I’ll be here till 5 pm, thank you!). Ha! Now that I think about it, thats all I’ve done all morning. It seems like I have conquered the world. Can I get bonus points for actually filling up a bag of giveaway clothes?

Also, let me drop an IDEA into your head, anyone up for a Sew-Along? Quilt style? Maybe baby quilt, or a bad ass pillow? I’ll find an amazing pattern, we can virtually shop together for coordinating fabric, then bust out the sewing machines. *If you don’t have a sewing machine, I can totally help you find a vintage one via Craigslist for $20-$40 <— cool huh?*. Baby steps together, as a team… A sewing team…Mmm…

**Though not a topic driven post, this will be a DAILY (somewhat) of my normal happenings. Not only do I write for myself to remember the little things, but Mark to would like to be able to see the little things that happen day to day. This is for you 🙂 Thank you for reading**



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