Blah. Shop. Put Your Bra On.


This is off the top of my head, on my mind, blah post.

Its my week. A somewhat normal week. Other then Friday being the first day of Christmas vacation for the kids, this will be a base or normal for what my world will be like for awhile. I initially started my day somewhat pepped up. Dropped off the kids. Got some caffeine. Shared a yarn color obsession with a friend. Cast on a new cap. Listened to a podcast. But just as I just now listed all those things off, well it was all as boring as just reading that.

I probably need more caffeine (and yes, I’ve taken my crazy pills). Maybe I am tired and in a lackadaisical mood , when I really need to sit down and plan my week out. Refocus what I am doing and where I am going. What caps I have to finish each day. Workouts. Food. Future ambitions (I like the word: AMBITION. Way cooler than GOAL<— Unless you’re a Mexican soccer announcer, then GOAL is a pretty cool word).

Lists. I need a list. I love lists. Those suckers are everywhere. Nothing like the feeling of crossing something off your list. But I am in a squirrel mood. Colors, textures, sounds, all pulling in so many different directions. Cant. Keep. Still. Must. Try. New. Things.

Ahh…*running in circles in my head*, I am going to Hobby Lobby, then maybe Home Depot… Things are about to happen.

Lesson of this boring little depressed rant? Sometimes you just need to go shopping… and put a bra on …dammit should have done that first, I could take over the world now (there has GOT to be research on how you can feel better after putting on a bra, even if you really don’t have much to put in there).


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