Just a Daily: Battleships & Surfers


This past weekend we walked over to the beach. Why we are NOT there every weekend I have o clue. Hell we are so close now…I could just about pick up my computer, walk over and still get WIFI (just about THAT close). **I just jumped up, picked up my camera, and ran out there in my house slippers! Super close, and a LITTLE cold today**.


While out there I got a little reminder of how I am blessed with little creators. Once we hit the sand my little bees get to work. Chloe starts the hunt for sea shells to make cakes & castles and Mark finds the perfect stick or shell to create a masterpiece in the sand. He normally makes race tracks, but that day he decided to create a battle scene. Force fields were involved.

UntitledUntitledWe were also lucky enough to catch one of the bigger ships pulling out for deployment. Little Mark saw it first and needed a picture (second picture down), he also made me take a picture of the ship zoomed in so he can draw it later, such a little cutie.

My little man ALSO hounded me to go surfing. He stood there for awhile watching the surfers, totally envious. I constantly have to explain to him that he needs a wetsuit, and that I am not going to stand there pushing him onto the board in the cold water. He doesn’t get it, he just wants to surf “But Mama, I can stand up on the board! Just one wave? Real quick, it won’t be that cold.” <–  I look at him like he is crazy, but love his want to be out on the water.

**Though not a topic driven post, this will be a DAILY (somewhat) of my normal happenings. Not only do I write for myself to remember the little things, but Mark to would like to be able to see the little things that happen day to day. This is for you 🙂 Thank you for reading**



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