My Mom

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.08.48 AMMy Mom. What can I say? She unique, and crazy <— Sorry Mom.

I recently just invited new/old/wannabe bloggers to come together to inspire/motivate one another via a 12 week Ambition (I don’t know if I am using that word correctly, I just don’t want to use goal/challenge) of 12 writing topics. Focus is, well I want to read more from the EVERYDAY person, and also I want you to be able to DOCUMENT your thoughts and experiences. We all have a story to tell, you don’t have to be a pro/everyday blogger to take advantage of a live journal.

When I posted the idea, there was a small bit of me that thought of my mom. It wasn’t a small bit, I said to myself “Mom should do this. I won’t ask her, but if she sees it she should do it.” … This morning I sat down at the computer and saw her post on my photo “I’m in.”.

My mom is quite the story teller. My writing abilities, and the way I share stories, well, I inherited it from her. She has for the longest time, in different ways, has always had a story to tell, or has had MY story to tell. What makes her unique, is that she is funny. Funny in an REAL brass way.

Most people expect to see an older version of me, and when they do get to meet my mom, I have heard more than once “Yeah, thats NOT your mom“… Then my mom gets talking, and her attitude/personality comes through, then “Yeah, I can see how thats your mom”.

What are your parents like?
“ah, well my dad is from Colombia. We kinda look exactly alike”
“That explains your features, I was wondering what exactly you were…What about your mom?”
My mom? She’s from Jersey.
Ha! JOISEY? That DOES explain a lot
No, not JOISEY. Did I say she was from New York? JERSEY… Like a JERSEY cow. My mom would rip your damn face off saying JOISEY like an idiot…” <— That right there is my moms personality shining through me. Because she would rip your face off if you said JOISEY, or she would say “NO. I am from Jersey. Not Joisey, I don’t believe that is even a state”.

What makes my mom interesting as well, is that she has a bit of a temper. A short one. She doesn’t take shit. She opens her big Jersey mouth and just says it, getting her self into trouble more times than I can count. She just doesn’t have a filter. I think you see that a lot with people from the East coast. If they got something to say, they will say it, and make sure you heard them. My moms abruptness has been a blessing and a nightmare. I could always rely on coming home and telling my mom how someone was mean to me, then her chasing down whoever and give them a piece of her mind. My favorite term of endearment that she has for assholes is “That little prick…”<— Everyone is a little prick to her (I laugh as I type this).

I have done posts before referencing things I have learned from my dad, and I know once I publish them that my mom will be most likely pissed. Because in reality, though I have learned a lot of life lessons via my dads opinions on tackling life, my mom was there through my life.

Maybe she wasn’t there in a happy sappy mommy way, but she was there. She pushed me into things to challenge me, I hated most of those things, and even resent them now, but I learned so much. She made sure I had the best when it came to my sport. She drug my ass all over Southern California (the nation really) for softball tournaments/lessons. She tried her best to give us 4 kids what she could, or what SHE thought we needed.

She’s tough, she’s mean, but at the same time she takes care of those she has. Hell, she is a NURSE (30 years), its her job to TAKE CARE of people. She may not have always done it in the best way or manner, but we were always taken care of.

No matter how much I feel she may have let me down in life, I know that I am stronger for it. My STRENGTH and FORTITUDE as a person, I have learned through my mom. I feel as though I retained the best of both parents, but if it wasn’t for her persistence, and “Get shit done” attitude, I would be nowhere in life.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.09.35 AMIn the end my mom is always there, like a mom should be. My mom has been there when I have been falling apart. I know I can call her even after not talking to her for nearly a year, I can say “Hey” and she know whether I am in a good or bad place. I can also call and not make a sound, and hear her turn into the Jersey doberman she is and say in her stern voice “Chris, whats wrong?!”.

Again my mom is tough as shit. She can handle anything. Well maybe not EVERYTHING. I was lucky enough to have my mom in the car with me last year when I passed out behind the wheel (the day we were supposed to leave for Ohio for my first 140.6). I didn’t realize how sick I was, I had just left the doctors office, was pulling off base, when I just didn’t feel well and passed out while turning in an intersection. I don’t know what happened, or how it happened, but she said I just started convulsing. Somehow she got us pulled over into someones front yard. I remember waking up and hearing her scream at me “CHRIS! CHRIS! C’mon! CHRIS! You are having a seizure! WaKE UP! CHRIS!“, she was losing her shit. She could probably handle blood and guts spewing everywhere, all while drinking a cup of coffee, but to see her own child like that, well I am sure its terrifying. I remember then hearing her scream at 911, “We are outside of the base. I don’t know where we are. The ADDRESS?! I don’t know the FUCKING ADDRESS! I just said I DONT KNOW WHERE WE ARE! WHAT PART OF THAT DONT YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?!“.<—- My mom is such a sweetheart.

Thank God she was there. Who knows how that could evolved. I could have gone headfirst into traffic, crashed into someones home… Egh. Terrible. Also helped to have a nurse on hand… Oh but did I mention that one of the firefighters that responded to the scene was one of my bosses from the running shop? Yeah, picture me now, outside the car on the passenger side, pants down around my ankles because I shitting AND vomiting on the side of the road, unable to control anything, and my boss peaks over the door and says “Hey girl! Whats up?”, “Whats up?!?! I AM SHITTING AND PISSING ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD KEVIN! Thats whats up!”…Of course that would happen, then had to listen to him and my mom fight over who would take my car. He didn’t realize she was my mom, and she just had no clue he was. So still sitting there with my pants down I had to introduce them… Was totally an interesting day…

But yeah. My mom. Not the typical mom, but she is MY mom. Thanks Mom, for everything. I love you.

**Also I am nervous and scared of what she talk about on her blog. Whatever it is, will probably be extremely raw and completely ridiculous. Its gonna be worth the read**


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