Happy New Year


Happy New Year! I hope all either rocked out at some killer parties, or were snuggled up warmly in bed. I was cuddled up on my couch, children sleeping all over the floor, hanging out with my Father-in-law and watching Superman. It was simple & perfect. Surrounded by a crazy family <—Best place on earth.


I want to say some empowering life changing words. Talk about tackling the upcoming year (kinda have already done that). Or have a funny story for you. I have none of those things to give on this New Years day.UntitledUntitled

One thing I do have is gratitude to friends and family for being here with me this holiday season. The past couple weeks have been mini-adventures piled right on top of the next. The busy-ness and fatty food has kept me entertained and happy. I know one of Marks biggest worries was not being here for the holidays, but people I love the most stepped in and filled the gap.

I’d like to say I am tough, and that I could’ve handled the holidays on my own, and I could have but, I know inside I would have been a bit of a sad mess.


Big thanks to Joe for coming in and setting up Christmas with me. Tori, I know you didn’t make it, but you called everyday, and that made me happy… Like us face timing as we are driving around looking at Christmas lights, all they while you are video chatting with us while you get your bike ride in strapped to your trainer in Key West.

I really don’t know where I would be mentally with out the 2 of you.  Thank you.

UntitledBig HUGE thanks to Marks family coming in and inhaling the kids and I up. We had a blast. The kids were great. It was perfect. Perfect.

Happy New Years! Love your family and your friends 🙂



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