Wake Up, Fashion, The Cadbury Egg & Portuguese


This picture sums up how I felt this morning. It was a *BOOM* awake start to the morning. Instantly my mind was processing the day, but my body didn’t want to move. Really the only thing that got me out of bed was the fact that Marks entire family was leaving. A little sad to see everyone go, and I just don’t like “good-byes”, “see you laters”, “Ate mais tarde!”. I flung myself out of bed, tried to avoid a footboard (that I no longer have), realized it wasn’t there, did a slight spin then landed again, into a pile of laundry, where I heard my ass break about 3 hangers…

*note, this post is EVERYWHERE, but I feel I am following along with the photos*


I remember hearing “Mama, is this a jacket?”, in the corner of my eye I saw pink and a hanger. “Yes, baby. Put it on, lets go! Vamos!“. I was too busy hopping after the other child (hopping because I am trying to shove one of my big arse feet into shoe), hopping with a mission I might add, because he had thrown himself on the floor because I asked him to wear socks… He saw the furious hopping, and deranged look and put the socks on.

So with all this happening I didn’t realize till we got out of the car at the youth center that she was wearing a robe, sunglasses, messy hair, and a head band… I didn’t say a word but in my head “Oh baby, you look crazy“. She looked up at me smiling, I reached for my phone, “Hey baby, lets take a picture for daddy.“. She instants pops the hip and boom! Moment captured forever.

UntitledThe Cadbury egg. I noticed it at the gas station, yesterday. I know for a fact those suckers weren’t there December 31st. So that means society really has lost their minds, because we are now pushing EASTER 3 months (?) early. Im shocked. Disturbed. Kinda irritated.

So today I said something to the cashier, “Really? Cadbury eggs? Its the second of January. I don’t even know when Easter is.”. Poor girl, she instantly had the face of “we got another crazy lady, I don’t know what to do without pissing you off even more, so I will stare out you with a scared quizzical face”. Now I am really joking with the girl, but she does not comprehend my sarcasm (though truth) in my voice. On my left in the other line, an older gentlemen is shoving down some ice-cream (which he hasn’t even paid for yet), and he stops mid vanilla ice cream messy bite to stare at me. I snatched an egg… “ALRIGHT! You talked me into it, I DO need one. Look what you made me do!”, I pushed the egg over to be scanned. At this same moment the old man starts laughing and ice cream goes flying into the other cashiers face. Now, we are all staring at the cashier, I know MY mouth is wide open, because I wanna laugh but am in such shock that I cant move. All the while the old dude is still laughing, even HARDER, and getting ice cream all over his shirt. I quickly grabbed my caffeine fix AND the egg and hustled out the door… That was totally all my fault. So sorry, but I really wish I had my camera out when it all happened.


No one knows but Mark, but in the past 3 years I have been randomly getting in some college courses. I really don’t say much about it (actually I don’t think Ive said anything) because I don’t want to be one of those people complaining about studying or “How stupid/My professor doesn’t know shit/I hate my classmates/why am I doing this” on Facebook. To me education is something to be proud of. Proud of the fact that you are even ABLE to have the option of schooling. Yeah its tough. Its not supposed to be easy. You are supposed to be challenged. How else would you learn anything?

All that said, I am going to be taking on a little bit more schooling this year. I am publicly announcing it to the world this ONE time. Now its out there. Now its a challenge (more than it already is) to push and accomplish more with my education. I really haven’t taken it as seriously as I should. I am 30 years old this year. I feel a bit grown up, experienced some of the world, and am appreciating the importance of education. Where do you want to be in 5 years Christina? Um, GREAT question. Done with school and somewhat master a new language.

Yep, new language. This has been on both Marks and I wish list. Well mostly mine. Yes, I KNOW I should become fluent in spanish, but its not that I don’t want to, its just that… I don’t want to right now. Is that ok?

We had decided on German. Why German? Because Marks mom doesn’t know German, the lady speaks plenty of languages but that one. I would like to be in a room with Mark and have no one understand us. Portuguese though isn’t the best choice, because she knows some, and its kinda close to spanish, so she can figure it out. You got me Nena, you will forever know what I am saying, but hopefully my accent destroys the language and I don’t make much sense anyways.

But WHY Portuguese? Mainly, because I have a friend who speaks Portuguese and is willing to help get me through it. It doesn’t help to just learn a language online when you have no one to talk to. You read up on learning new languages and one of the top things to do is SPEAK THE LANGUAGE to someone.

Throw into play friend Joe. Hi Joe!

Finally getting some spotlight. I know some have wondered “Who’s Joe?”, and someone even said “Joe? Really? Seriously, whats his name?”. Joe has been on most on my recent paddling & triathlon adventures, as well as coming to visit for Christmas. I had someone tell me once that I had to explain Joes existence to my world. I don’t know why I SHOULD, some people just want to BE, and not thrown all over my blog. I totally respect that, but here I am kinda doing that, my bad.

Anyways, Joe served his mission in Portugal. Hence why he knows the language. So, no. I don’t have a 6’4 hot Brazilian teaching me another language, just a white boy from Utah calling on the phone to say “Oui! Tudo bem?”. Tudo bem.

Im actually really excited about this. I got a phone call from Mark today and we talked about it. He’s actually thrilled, especially since I told him I am sucking the kids into it. I’ve already had to tell the kids how to say Helicopter, flowers and bird in Portuguese. Though Mark doesn’t speak the language he said there are enough words that sound spanish that he can try and piece together what I am saying… But $20, once he hung up the phone he googled “How to learn Portuguese” and bought a couple of books off Amazon to have sent to the ship.

IMG_9895IMG_9898Yup, thats whats up. In posts like these I feel as though I have people here kicking back listening to me rattle off. Then there is always a random question out of left field that I have to answer, because the WHOLE story doesn’t make sense unless they know the back story… Or else they are just nosey. No problem. Ill answer your questions. 🙂


One thought on “Wake Up, Fashion, The Cadbury Egg & Portuguese

  1. Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen)

    AH HA HA HA HA the convenience story made me laugh!! Thank you Christina! (And awesome about college and Portuguese!). ❤



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