Shoot For Progress

UntitledFirst. My athletes: Go HERE and purchase this. I will deduct from monthly fee. Totally serious. You won’t hear from me till you get it.

Second. You have goals? Like SEEING/TRACKING progress? Go HERE and download it. This goes out to all athletes, college students, and BLOGGERS. Hell anyone living day-to-day life and just wants to track that you survived!

Third. Elise touches a soft spot for me not because she is my favorite blogger, but that she is also a MILITARY wife. This lady has worked her little bum off through deployments and raising a little girl. A woman that has always been on my “impressive” list. So your small purchase goes directly to a woman who is changing the world through her words and things she makes.

UntitledA couple of things… (did you know “…” was one of the top 3 things I use when it comes to Facebook? How do I know? Facebook is a genius and told me. I admit that I over use it, but I’m trying to pull you into my mood.)

I love that. NOBODY is perfect. Its hard at times to accomplish the SAME thing everyday. You aren’t meant to. Life happens. Hell I have one printed out for ‘WORKOUTS’ and I already missed yesterdays workout. Why? Because I wanted to cuddle on the couch with my kids and watch ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

 You purchased it, print those suckers OUT. Though it seems over-kill, I have 4 printed out. Workouts, Knitting, Portuguese and Blogging. Each topic has one. I LOVE seeing accomplishments, and empty spaces give me motivation to get back into the game. Also, YOU DONT HAVE to have one for a million things. I am crazy.

Just challenge yourself. Seriously. Even if its just ‘drinking a gallon of water a day’ or ‘my child bathed EVERY day’ or ‘I put moisturizer on EVERYDAY’ or ‘I left a sweet comment on someones Facebook page’
PICK SOMETHING! You know you want to. I promise you don’t have to tell anyone 🙂

Put them some place OBNOXIOUSLY in your face. Your spouse really won’t mind, and you can hide it (if you want to) when people come over. You need to be able to see it, to remember it! Hell I lose journals all the times because I put them someplace “safe”. SAFE is another word for GONE or LOST or OUTER SPACE. Mine are going right above my desk, where I sit everyday.

Now you can keep it a secret, but I encourage you to tell the most persistent annoying person you know. I am telling my daughter Chloe. That little girl doesn’t forget ANYTHING. So I have her set as my little alarm. Also you can set a REMINDER/ALARM on your phone. That doesn’t work for me because most of the time my phone is lost and or on vibrate.

Boom! Make things happen. Track your progress. Share with the world. Don’t be scared.




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