100 Miles, Ocean & Sharks

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.35.58 AM“Egh…. Ugh… Mothertrucker.”

I think I have repeated that there sentence (is that even a complete sentence?) about 15 times.

Just saying this now, that this post just maybe be EVERYWHERE.

So last week I saw that the dates were set for the California 100 Mile paddle! Woo! Exciting. Today I started wondering, when will NY be? A little creeping and I see in comments that the NY race is still up in the air. <—-“Egh…. Ugh… Mothertrucker.”

Flashback to last week, I just about signed up for California. Step into my mind of what I was thinking…

    • I am anxious
    • I want it set in stone.
    • I’ve knitted my fingers off to save for registration.
    • Also it can be a 30th birthday trip for me! I am FROM California.
    • Oh… Being from California I can easily rally up a support crew. <— That being said anyone interested and or have jet skis/boat that would like to be my lifeline?
    • My hands are gonna be wrecked…
    • I need a date…
    • Will I be recovered to sneak in an Ironman?
    • California? How far is that?
    • What are plane tickets?
    • Where would I stay?
    • Ocean…. Shit its in the ocean.
    • Mothertruckin Sharks.



Lets work with those 2 words right now.

Now I never wrote an official report, but last year Joe and I went down to Key West for the Race the Reef 6 Mile race. The details were cool… They take you out 6 miles in a catamaran, and you paddle your ass back to shore. Now it was SUPER cool. Ive never been on a catamaran, but it was a little windy that day. For some reason I thought I would be paddling through mangroves, not clinging to my board for dear life. Seriously, the challenge was just STAYING on your board. We were downwind which was great, but it was so choppy… Choppy doesn’t explain it, it was like riding waves. There were paddlers laying on their boards because they were so seasick. We got our asses tossed around. There was nothing easy about clinging to your board, while trying to paddle yourself to shore. The ocean had its way with us that day.

On a river (NY race), you can kinda guess conditions, you have land on both sides, it doesn’t seem that intimidating. But the ocean? You cant trust that bitch (sorry for the language).

Its hard. The CA race could be harder. <— Once I had that thought “It could be hard”, I knew in my mind that I would have to do it.

What? Am I being a scared little punk? Yes. But… I don’t know, we do these things because they are a challenge. Its like signing up for an Ironman but looking for the EASIEST one <— What kind of challenge is that? Its as if you are already bitching out (more language, just get over it, I am raging on a 5 hour, I am sure I will curse some more). The reason you do and Ironman is because its something HARD that you CHALLENGE yourself to complete.

Ugh, I get mad at myself. “Ca race? No no no… thats too hard… “<— insert mocking voice. <— No, that right there is why I should do it.

Now along with MAYBE not having cooperating seas, there are SHARKS. Flipping sharks. Or just big ass animals in the water. Ill be honest I don’t want to see ANYTHING in the water. Nope. I don’t like thinking that there is something the size of my car below me. Its scary. Yep, I am scared. Its stupid, but its a fear. <— Another reason to do CA, embrace my fears.

So what am I saying? “Egh…. Ugh… Mothertrucker. Im gonna have to do that race”.

But I need a little feed back… What do YOU think? Wait it out, and hope for the NY race to come through. Or scare the shit out of myself and paddle from L.A to San Diego?


**I need to knit me A CRAP TON more caps**


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