That “moment” in Knitting…

UntitledYou know you have hit an all time low with your knitting “career” when you rip out an ENTIRE cabled hat. Yep, ripped that thing right out.

You know that moment when you finally draw the yarn through those remaining last stitches? You pull them through, and start thinking “YES! YES! YES! I made it! Muahahahhahahahhaha” <– insert mad scientist laugh (or really a laugh from a lady that has been knitting non-stop for 5 hours and has tipped over into deranged lady in her pajamas…). Then you calmly weave in your ends (or not) <— I’m a good girl and have gotten to a point in which I will weave all my ends in before rushing off to the mirror. Someone give me a sticker.

But then the moment happens. Boom! All weaved in. You jump up, step on a damn hot wheels car, spiral into the food pantry, bounce out then hurl yourself into the bathroom, all the while slipping the precious beanie onto your head. Kinda reminds of a drunk falling over with a drink in their hand, they are ALL messed up, but nothing was spilt. That is how a knitter feels as she runs to the mirror to see the heavenly creation that she created.

Then she slides in like Tom Cruise, to only see that the damn cap looks TERRIBLE. Like who is this thing knit for?? Well it can go 2 ways; You either knit it for Yoda’s pea ass head or for an 8 ft. tall Yeti.

“Ugh…. Noooo…. Fuuuuuuuu…. Daaaaammmmnnnn” <— All that while you adjust your hair, move the cap around, stretch it out, magically make it smaller, insert more hand movements that don’t help for squat. ** I just had to stop typing and pull down on my cheeks as I relive the dread one feels when “blocking in right out” is NOT gonna help.

5 hours of my life wasted…. **heavy breathing**….**teeth clenching**… If I had a cat, I’d kick a damn cat (sorry cat lovers). Then you just walk back to your beloved green chair, THROW the beanie (then hustle right after it because it will BE someones). Aaaannnnnd cast on… While staring at that cap with hate…. k1,p1,k1,p1,k1….FUUUUUUCCCC….*tink, tink,tink,tink*…k2,p2,k2,p2,k2…

UntitledBut hey, there are Eureka moments. Like the one above. That right there is not posed, I was FLIPPING thrilled! It came out perfect.

Felt like a bad ass. That there pic is EXACTLY how I feel inside, and yeah, maybe I do DO that (I really do).

I can knit ALL DAY SON! ALL DAY! Then I walk back to my beloved green chair, slam my phone down into the couch just like I scored a touch down, fall to my knees, and start laughing like a HAPPY mad man, then to only crawl over to my phone, pick it up because YOU KNOW, I gotta INSTAGRAM that heavenly creation baby!

Ah, yes, the ups and downs of knitting, no?


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