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The SUP Budget: Fundraising Time

Untitled*Karate CHOP!* *WHAM-BAM!*

Enough with the down, I’ve got stuff to do, like knit an ARMY of Knitty caps!

Recently received a “budgeting” email from Mark, telling me to BUDGET myself because I will receive no support (not in a bad way, but we cant fit a 100 MILE PADDLE in the family budget, hence why I am knitting my fingers off).

So I’ve written some things down, checked some things off and want to have a little more focus on the fundraising aspect of the race.

Straight from the 100 MILE PADDLE WEBSITE (check it out, come paddle, YES YOU CAN ).

“WHO WE HELP – Our goal is to challenge ourselves physically, mentally and raise awareness and funding for select Autism Charities and Clean Water initiatives. The net revenue from this event will be split between our beneficiaries including:

AUTISM Charities: Surfers Healing / Autism Hawaii Foundation / Best Day Foundation 

CLEAN WATER Charities: Waves 4 Water / RiverKeeper

PaddleAid Foundation is the not-for-profit organization that collects and distributes the donated funds to all our beneficiaries. “

UntitledThe event asks all participants to raise a min. of $250. So this is more than a race, this is paddlers giving BACK and changing the world.

Now I can say “Egh, $250, no prob. I’ll hit the mark than move on” <— But I’m not going to.

Recently somewhere in the Facebook social stream I saw a post about raising money for races. There was one comment that stuck out to me, I wish I could quote it exactly, but he shared his opinion on people only doing the minimum. Why not do more? The money is going into something, don’t just skim by. It made me stop and think, and TOTALLY agree. Take it a step further, challenge yourself, GIVE BACK.

UntitledSo BOOM! Im going to double the amount asked for, if I can go over it then SUH-WEET. This is roughly 20 knitted caps. I will cover the cost of yarn, so 100% of funds go directly in. I believe in the future we will have our own fundraising page, will be sure to share once that is up.

On my budgeting list fundraising was next, so I am straight dedicating the next 20 caps to go directly into the fundraising efforts (starting today, FEB 21). Once the rest of my budgeting needs are met, I will donate any excess (up until race day) funds made to the fundraiser.

Why collect now? Wait till registration opens<— Um, NO. This is a mandatory, and I don’t want to be running around in a couple of months trying to get just enough to get by.

Other budgeting needs: Shipping Board, Lodging, Food, and the Support Boat. I know there will probably other random things I need, but I really just want to check through and get everything done.

Budgeting that has been met: RACE ENTRY and PLANE TICKET. Woot woot!! Thank you all so much, this guarantees me getting to the race, and being allowed in! There have been a bunch of random costs: Yarn, Labels, Needles and Patterns. I’m kinda DONE on buying anymore yarn, so I would LOVE to get through everything I have on hand.


What do you think of my little hand drawn fundraising thermometer (at the top of the page)? I thought it would be nice to show you how I am doing (in amounts being raised), and where exactly your money is going! Plus I like to check things off, instant accomplishment. Boom!

I DO have some caps on hand that need a home, so ask me what I have hiding. Also if you would like to donate more, thats TOTALLY Ok! It would be great to exceed my goal!

Untitled(Ha! Thank you Tori for modeling 🙂 )

Im trying to think of anything else… To be honest, I have never wanted to give something my money so desperately. ANXIOUSLY awaiting for registration to open. I want to grab the race director by the shoulders and scream “TAKE MY MONEY!!”. I wish money was in the form of teddy bears, then I would happily drop them on whoever is in charge (Andrew,?), and have him say “What the hell am I supposed to do with all these teddy bears!” <— Weird I know, again TAKE MY MONEY. Been working my bum off and want to see it go to something other than my savings account.

If you would like to donate in other ways: Fuel, SUP supplies, 12’6 board :), and or clothing, I will not turn you away. Will happily blog/facebook/instagram in return <— Feel like I am pimping myself out…

Wanna paddle? C’mon there is a 50 mile option. The more the merrier. Oh, and YES YOU CAN.



A Vague “I’m Better”

IMG_0222(Photo: Leaving notes to myself everywhere. Like the normal me leaving messages to myself when feeling down)

I told myself I wouldn’t blog until I felt better…

Then I started to feel better, but I just didnt want to share anything. But now I can honestly say that I have had one solid week of happiness. So now I can talk… 20 days since my last post, geez.

IMG_0188(Above photo taken 20 days ago, I think my face kinda just plays on how I felt)

Think near the absolute worst, take 2 steps back, and thats where I was. Now I knew I was having bad days, but they were adding up (fast), and then I realized something was VERY wrong. Heavens, I was falling apart all over the place. Had Mark stressed out, randomly calling friends and losing my shit, or just not talking to anyone at all. Could barely help the kids with school, because I could barely help myself.

Untitled(Photo: Tinkering with vintage bicycles. Mr.Holmes in MS has everyone ramped up for a vintage bike show in May. Have really been enjoying researching and ripping my fingers apart as I learn a little bit more on the anatomy of a bicycle)

I remember starting an email to Mark (DID NOT send it), begging for help. I just needed a little help. I could sit there thinking “Help, help me.” <— This is when I knew it had gone too far, because the sane me inside of me put her drink down and said “WHOA WHOA WHOA! What the shit is happening?! Call the doctor now”.

I called mid freakout, and ripped someone a new a-hole because they wanted me to wait to be seen in 2 weeks. I feel bad about it, but I knew something had to be done. Next thing I know I am talking to the nurse and I have an appointment the next day to see the doctor.

Untitled(photo: Hats piling up. The best feeling is getting down to packaging up caps to be shipped out. I write a note to everyone (usually after I stalk you on Facebook to see how you have been). EVERY cap is personal. I get to think about you for 5-6 hours as I knit you a cap, in my mind we are the best of buds)

Between the doctor, my Mom, Mark’s Mom, the consensus was new meds and to put DOWN my knitting and workout. Other actions were taken, which don’t really feel like talking about, but things completely changed around here.

Biggest thing was making my workouts a priority. Yeah, I don’t know want more to say other than I just started putting my training in front of all the other random crap that I get into. Made sure to take my meds, and yeah. Thats what I did.

Untitled(photo: Enjoying moments with the fam bam and friends. Thank you Tori for coming and re-setting me)

I didnt want to blog about it. I didnt want to talk. I had nothing to talk about. I actually would think “egh, maybe I could blog” then would ask myself “Are your workouts done?” <– Usually not, so spent my writing/hiding time getting in workouts.

So the past 20 days have been focused on getting better and feeling better. Feeling somewhat normal. This post sounds extremely vague, because it was bad and I really don’t know what more to say. I almost don’t want to dwell on it because I feel accomplished at the moment.

Untitled(photo: I don’t know why, but have expanding my skills into color work. I’m Mc’Lovin it.)

If you haven’t heard from me, I am sorry. I only write now just to give a heads up. Also to let you know I am better.

Huge thanks to Nena (Marks Mom), My Mom, Tori, Bonnie, Lisa, Eddie and Joe. You all in big or little way have helped me feel better. Thank you 🙂

P.S Oh, and I have been sleeping A LOT, like going to bed at 8 pm <— AMAZING what sleep can do.

Knitty Caps & Christina x Too Many


Yeah, its a post with a crap ton of photos of Moi. I am sitting here shaking my head on how weird this is. I know we (me) take selfies all the time… But this many pictures in one place? My face scares me! Oh, I am blushing.

I bring this on myself. For those that I make caps for, I offer up “would you like me to model it for you?” <— The answer is ALWAYS “yes!”. Thats totally ok, I would want to make sure the cap is going to look normal as well. But today I didn’t realize the mountain of random caps I have just let pile up.

The cap above and caps below (unless otherwise noted) are all up for grabs. Some are WOOL other ACRYLIC. Message via Facebook or EMAIL ( for more details.

Oh in case you forgot, Why have I so far knit 62 caps? To raise funds for (and to get to) the 100 MILE PADDLE, read more here … Oh, and I will be tackling my fear of the ocean & sharks and will be paddling from L.A to San Diego <— EEK!

(Above BROWN sold)IMG_0110IMG_0123IMG_0162IMG_0160These coolio caps below all custom knit for really cool people 🙂 Promised you the photo! Perfect right?IMG_0131IMG_0126IMG_0147You are now either in love with me or want to bash your face in from all the pictures… But you gotta say the caps are pretty rad though, right?