Knitty Caps & Christina x Too Many


Yeah, its a post with a crap ton of photos of Moi. I am sitting here shaking my head on how weird this is. I know we (me) take selfies all the time… But this many pictures in one place? My face scares me! Oh, I am blushing.

I bring this on myself. For those that I make caps for, I offer up “would you like me to model it for you?” <— The answer is ALWAYS “yes!”. Thats totally ok, I would want to make sure the cap is going to look normal as well. But today I didn’t realize the mountain of random caps I have just let pile up.

The cap above and caps below (unless otherwise noted) are all up for grabs. Some are WOOL other ACRYLIC. Message via Facebook or EMAIL ( for more details.

Oh in case you forgot, Why have I so far knit 62 caps? To raise funds for (and to get to) the 100 MILE PADDLE, read more here … Oh, and I will be tackling my fear of the ocean & sharks and will be paddling from L.A to San Diego <— EEK!

(Above BROWN sold)IMG_0110IMG_0123IMG_0162IMG_0160These coolio caps below all custom knit for really cool people 🙂 Promised you the photo! Perfect right?IMG_0131IMG_0126IMG_0147You are now either in love with me or want to bash your face in from all the pictures… But you gotta say the caps are pretty rad though, right?


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