The SUP Budget: Fundraising Time

Untitled*Karate CHOP!* *WHAM-BAM!*

Enough with the down, I’ve got stuff to do, like knit an ARMY of Knitty caps!

Recently received a “budgeting” email from Mark, telling me to BUDGET myself because I will receive no support (not in a bad way, but we cant fit a 100 MILE PADDLE in the family budget, hence why I am knitting my fingers off).

So I’ve written some things down, checked some things off and want to have a little more focus on the fundraising aspect of the race.

Straight from the 100 MILE PADDLE WEBSITE (check it out, come paddle, YES YOU CAN ).

“WHO WE HELP – Our goal is to challenge ourselves physically, mentally and raise awareness and funding for select Autism Charities and Clean Water initiatives. The net revenue from this event will be split between our beneficiaries including:

AUTISM Charities: Surfers Healing / Autism Hawaii Foundation / Best Day Foundation 

CLEAN WATER Charities: Waves 4 Water / RiverKeeper

PaddleAid Foundation is the not-for-profit organization that collects and distributes the donated funds to all our beneficiaries. “

UntitledThe event asks all participants to raise a min. of $250. So this is more than a race, this is paddlers giving BACK and changing the world.

Now I can say “Egh, $250, no prob. I’ll hit the mark than move on” <— But I’m not going to.

Recently somewhere in the Facebook social stream I saw a post about raising money for races. There was one comment that stuck out to me, I wish I could quote it exactly, but he shared his opinion on people only doing the minimum. Why not do more? The money is going into something, don’t just skim by. It made me stop and think, and TOTALLY agree. Take it a step further, challenge yourself, GIVE BACK.

UntitledSo BOOM! Im going to double the amount asked for, if I can go over it then SUH-WEET. This is roughly 20 knitted caps. I will cover the cost of yarn, so 100% of funds go directly in. I believe in the future we will have our own fundraising page, will be sure to share once that is up.

On my budgeting list fundraising was next, so I am straight dedicating the next 20 caps to go directly into the fundraising efforts (starting today, FEB 21). Once the rest of my budgeting needs are met, I will donate any excess (up until race day) funds made to the fundraiser.

Why collect now? Wait till registration opens<— Um, NO. This is a mandatory, and I don’t want to be running around in a couple of months trying to get just enough to get by.

Other budgeting needs: Shipping Board, Lodging, Food, and the Support Boat. I know there will probably other random things I need, but I really just want to check through and get everything done.

Budgeting that has been met: RACE ENTRY and PLANE TICKET. Woot woot!! Thank you all so much, this guarantees me getting to the race, and being allowed in! There have been a bunch of random costs: Yarn, Labels, Needles and Patterns. I’m kinda DONE on buying anymore yarn, so I would LOVE to get through everything I have on hand.


What do you think of my little hand drawn fundraising thermometer (at the top of the page)? I thought it would be nice to show you how I am doing (in amounts being raised), and where exactly your money is going! Plus I like to check things off, instant accomplishment. Boom!

I DO have some caps on hand that need a home, so ask me what I have hiding. Also if you would like to donate more, thats TOTALLY Ok! It would be great to exceed my goal!

Untitled(Ha! Thank you Tori for modeling 🙂 )

Im trying to think of anything else… To be honest, I have never wanted to give something my money so desperately. ANXIOUSLY awaiting for registration to open. I want to grab the race director by the shoulders and scream “TAKE MY MONEY!!”. I wish money was in the form of teddy bears, then I would happily drop them on whoever is in charge (Andrew,?), and have him say “What the hell am I supposed to do with all these teddy bears!” <— Weird I know, again TAKE MY MONEY. Been working my bum off and want to see it go to something other than my savings account.

If you would like to donate in other ways: Fuel, SUP supplies, 12’6 board :), and or clothing, I will not turn you away. Will happily blog/facebook/instagram in return <— Feel like I am pimping myself out…

Wanna paddle? C’mon there is a 50 mile option. The more the merrier. Oh, and YES YOU CAN.



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