Effin Kardashians


“Aaaaannnnddd she’s naked”. My exact words while scrolling through my instagram feed yesterday and coming across @kimkardashian naked (but censored) selfie.

“F&$!ing ‪#‎Kardashians‬ are geniuses”. Honestly right away I looked at the “likes”, that’s where the genius comes in. She knew what the reaction was going to be. She just knew it. I’ll give her some cred for the publicity stunt.

Issue #1, and one I am sure every one who has carried a child ( or some extra weight, it happens) thought of… Her stomach. How old is that baby ‪#‎saintwest‬? Like 2-3 months old? HOW IN THE HELL do you have that flat of a stomach, AND what seems to be some ab definition?

After my out loud comment to my iPhone while looking at her photo, I stupidly tried to zoom in on her photo to find at least one flaw, but for the first time I realize you can’t zoom in on photos on Instagram.

I really didn’t care she was naked. Like, we have all seen her about that naked before right? What I cared about was her stomach.

Oh, cool bathroom? Who cares. Rocking the short blonde hair? Who cares. Her hips… No words. Who cares.

Her stomach. I care. Hell I can train for 2 ‪#‎ironman‬ races within 4 months of each other and couldn’t reach that svelte of a stomach. Kim, honestly who is your plastic surgeon? Would he/she be interested in a pro-Bono case, because I could definitely use a little (a lot) of work on my tummy. Hell, if I get some work done, we could both be naked holding our pinkies together taking a naked selfie in your gorgeous bathroom.

After having 2 kids… Mmm, you won’t be catching me in a scrappy bikini. So Kim’s post, along with the many naked or somewhat naked women that smother instagram make me a tad envious. ‪#‎keepingitreal‬ . Not going to lie about it. Who doesn’t want to pop out a couple of babies and have instant sexy abs?

Issue #2: mad she is setting a bad example to the teenage female world? Well “it doesn’t matter what others are doing. It matters what YOU are doing.”. Let’s take a stand as parents/guardians/friends/teachers/coaches/counselors and be real role models to those around us.

In the end let’s take the HATE out of it, and get me the # to her plastic surgeon.


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