She can do anything.

I’ve wanted nothing more than my children to be overwhelmed with love.
For them to always know, without a doubt that their mom loves them beyond words or any form of measurement.

Many times, I have had moments in which I have felt that my sport might be taking something away from them. When Mark was gone, plenty of rides started at 2:45-3:00 am, just so I was done riding for 6 hours by the time I needed to pour them cereal then they had me the rest of the day (was a little tired, but I was there). I wish I knew the amount of miles, I have run starting after 10:30 pm, when the kids are in a deep sleep, house is clean, and my selfish needs are not eating into my family time.

Im far from the “ideal” mom, which I don’t even know exists anymore. At least for me personally, I believe we as mothers are gifted in so many areas, so of course we love/raise our children differently, as we emphasize our personal strengths.

There are some Moms that can bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. The Mom who can homeschool her 5 children. The mom who is a doctor… The girl scout leader… The housekeeper… The my-kids-eat-nothing-but-homemade-from-scratch-GF-VEGAN-blessed-by-fairies-sweet-nuggets-from-heaven

With all these things we lead by LOVE & EXAMPLE.

Overhead Chloe with a friend in the garage a couple of weeks ago, I am sure the girl pointed out the absurd number of bikes in the garage…
“My mama can ride her bike 1000 miles. She can do anything. She does triathlon.”

She doesn’t need to be an Ironman, but she needs to know that she too can do ANYTHING. With hard work and dedication the world is hers, and I’ll be standing there on the side lines cheering her on, telling her children “you see your mama, she can do anything.”


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