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Whats up with all the knitting?

UntitledFirst I am going to start with a THANK YOU. Like HUGE attack hug (and you guys know how I am with hugs) mega thank you for all your support. I don’t know if I am in just an emotional state but with every email and message I have received asking for a hat…

Well, I kinda cry… LOL. HAPPY TEARS!

I am so overcome with how many people actually want something that I have personally made, and want to support me in my next crazy endeavor.

IMG_0795Seriously, my heart is bursting, and I have tears in my eyes as I type this. Not only are you supporting me getting to a race, but you are all helping me emotionally. Knitting is not JUST a hobby, but something I do to help calm and center me. There is something about the repetitive movements, pretty yarn, and CREATING something that just soothes me.

Every hat has been made me love. I love knitting, I love yarn and I get nervous (and love) the fact that someone will get to wear it, well heck that they WANT to wear it blows my mind.

For those that are wondering what I am talking about, I am knitting up a whirlwind of caps and asking for donations. It is not for personal use, well kinda? Its to getting me to the 100 MILE PADDLE in NYC next September.
I really don’t know what made me even think people would want to wear my caps. All I know in that emails back and forth worth Mark, it came down to me deciding to NOT do the race. At that time next year, Mark will just be home from a 9 month deployment, and I decided that HE needed to do something. HE NEEDS a vacation. That being said I would have to NOT do a race as big as that one.

Registration alone for the 100 MILE PADDLE is $365, with having to fundraise $500 for Autism Charities and Clean Water Initiatives. Then add in traveling costs, food and lodging (though apparently I have some bad ass NYC friends that have offered up a place to crash).

IMG_0802So budgeting wise, its just not something I can do, and still be able to do something for Mark. I told Mark that I would NOT do the race and plan something special for him. He felt pretty bad about it, but I’d do just about anything to put a smile on my grumpy cat husbands face…

But I couldn’t let it drop. I budgeted EVERYTHING …
If I choose a race , Mark expects a budget plan (totally fair), so I am a semi pro on putting together a rough estimate on costs. So while sitting here knitting away, I thought, What if I just put up what I knit for donation?

IMG_0673If I can knit myself there, then I deserve to be there. It excited me, and gave me a challenge. I love challenges. Plus I would be giving something BACK. Its hard to just ask for money, I DONT want to ask for money. I don’t even like asking my own husband for money. But if I could give a part of me back for the support to get me there, well that made my heart calm.

I shared my plan with Mark. I think he was a little doubtful, he said “Good luck with your little knitting ‘enterprise‘ “…. <—- Insert “so you don’t think I can do it face” …. “little”…. psshhh.

IMG_0806**BIG SMILE**, again, the support I have received is unreal. I cant wait till Mark gets home before I leave for Ironman Arizona and I can say “My ‘little’ knitting enterprise its 2 steps away from getting me to NYC.”.

Im so excited. Every cap excites me. Paddling excites me (the California 100 MILE paddle is actually going RIGHT now, I’ve been watching, knitting, getting jazzed out). The love & support, well it calms me.

I will have a dedicated page up by mid next week going into details of what EXACTLY is entailed, and a donation link (I know some of you have asked, promised I was on it). Please follow along on Facebook and Instagram with all the caps I am making! Plus I have Chattajack31 NEXT weekend (31 mile SUP race), and then Ironman Arizona 3 weeks after that… It might be entertaining the next couple weeks with all the crazy… Oh throw in Mark coming home for a couple weeks, AND a move…



Once There Was a Girl and Her Yarn…


Want to know a way to NOT accomplish anything (well chores)? Learn to knit.

Let me tell you a story:

There once was a girl that had a closet full of yarn and clothing. It was beautiful. Mounds of colors and textures that bring happiness to the fingers that touch them. One day this girl was sick and in her bathroom staring at the sickness take over her face and suck the life out of what she thought was a strong body. While looking into the mirror she caught a glimpse of something bright within her closet.


She entered her closet and looked up on the shelf, where she then pulled on the bright texture… It was beautiful yarn. As she pulled out the yarn she didn’t realize it was a booby-trap that she had created in the past, that sent of a rubbermaid tub full of yarn down onto her head, knocking her onto the ground, where she ended up breaking a hanger in her ass (no lie). Though writhing in pain, and pissed about another broken hanger (she has a lot of clothes, those things are precious) she was surrounded by yarn all shapes and sizes…. also bags of half finished projects.

IMG_0689IMG_0682The poor girl with nothing to do but suck on her inhaler scooped up the yarn and project bags and shuffled to the couch. It is here that she started knitting away… and away…

The story doesn’t end. If you didn’t realize the “girl” is ME. I haven’t stopped knitting since I was sick 2 weeks ago. I’ve finished some projects, need to block a few, and have a pile of hats just chillin’ with no one to wear them. Though I’ve designated a few to a couple of Facebook friends (why did I have to say “Facebook” friends? I should be able to just say friends), and a pretty little girl named Emma, I still have some that need a home.

Would you like a hand knit cap?  <— Thats a dumb question. Who wouldn’t? Well I am sending some out, but I have no clue who reads this blog! So drop a comment!

Will also be posting some for donations!<— Need to raise/earn some money for some upcoming adventures! A lot of detail and pretty yarn goes into each project, totally worth a couple of cups of coffee to get a girl to a 100 Mile Paddle.

Don’t want a hat because you are already a bad ass knitter? <— Good for you! Share them on my wall because I want to see some bad ass caps/shawls/mittens/afghans/creatures/sweaters/socks!

P.S I miss my witty knitting group!
P.S.S Yes, I do wear sunglasses in my house with caps on when one has not had AT LEAST put her mascara on!