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Pumpkin Pie, Myths and Sweet Potatoes

UntitledAs my SIL says “Its time for the New Year, New You bull$hit”.

Im getting a bit of a head start because Ive spent half the week cuddled on a couch or doubled over in my bedroom hiding in stomach pain. All because of the complete garbage I have eaten in the past 2 weeks coming off Ironman Arizona.

I mean, its been bad. Mark keeps saying “Babe, you need to stop eating like a normal person. You NEED to go back back to complete paleo“, he says that as I am clutching my stomach, and shoving down a slice of pumpkin pie (I had to eat the whole pie, no one else wanted it, heaven forbid I just throw it out, that thing was the death of me though) and retorting “whatever! I’ll do what I want!… But could you hold my hand because my tummy hurts?“.

I’ve been dumb, but have been holding on to the “I JUST did an IRONMAN, I can eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING“<—- That right there is a myth. Don’t ever let me say that, and I don’t want to hear anyone else say that, because in truth, no you CANT just eat whatever. YES, have a congratulatory dinner, but after that, pump the recovery foods and don’t let yourself bloat up into the Michelin man. Its painful and not appealing.

I feel as though I am ranting… Not. Just expressing my thoughts.

So thanks to the Ironman Arizona 2014 Facebook page, Ive got an extra kick in the butt to clean up. Apparently there were a bunch of other idiots that did the same thing as me *fist bump*. Now as we are exiting the recovery phase, we are waking up from the food comas and seeing the light.

I woke up to a stack of FOOD magazines and a pile of Paleo Emeals waiting for me in the kitchen. Mark didn’t say anything, but I know he is helping by guiding me the right way. I happily broke out a sweet potato (I haven’t had one since race morning), and 3 eggs. Already my stomach senses what is happening.

So boom. Here it goes. Back to normal me. You can jump on the band wagon too! There are TONS of groups getting together and keeping each other accountable. I am sure there is someone on your newsfeed already pissing you off with “EAT CLEAN” challenges. Jump in! Show them up!

Heck, you can send me photos of your food, or just boast of your food cleanliness. Facebook book me, tag me in an INSTAGRAM post, email me, text me… Whatever! I want to see!

Oh, and before you ask… The biggest and first piece of advice I will give you when it comes to taking a Paleo approach with your nutrition is : BUY A BIG BAG OF SWEET POTATOES <— eat 2-3 a day. Normally people cut out carbs completely, and only eat lettuce and meat. You can totally do that, but you still need more substance, the sweet potato is the way to go! Promise!

Yes, you can still shoot questions my way (I did do a post once on books, and how to start… but its lost in the matrix with ALL my older posts, we are still working on it). I will happily answer any questions, redirect you, give you book suggestions, or just encourage you.

Oh, and make sure you have a crockpot. You can get one now for like $12-$20 with all the holiday sales.

Already plan on doing a google-chat meet up on Sundays where we just prep food. Its a casual setting, we are just shooting the $hit and cooking. Plus I miss seeing faces 🙂

Oh, AND… YOU CAN START WHENEVER you want. You don’t need a New Year, new month or a Monday to start anything. Just decide and DO IT.