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(MY) Training, Injuries and Nutrition


So I’ve had this post creeping around for a couple weeks, slowly adding some photos. I typed deleted, typed some more, deleted again about a handful of posts to go along with these photos.

There were bad days, GREAT days, sick days, injured days, days the hellions didn’t want it to work, and days that I just didn’t want to do anything but lay on the couch and eat Pitas. Or watch the new season of Vampire Diaries, ALL DAY, Shh!.


No one is perfect and I sure as hell am not. I struggle, and then sometimes I kick ass. No matter the up or downs I’ve loved it all. I love the pain, the long hours, the burn, the PR’s, and even that overwhelming feeling of wanting to give up. I think the overwhelming is my favorite. Reason being, I don’t know, I turn on the crazy, there is another side of me that looks at that person and gives this creepy smile and says “You think I cant do this? Bring it. Its what I live for my friend.”.


In general, training is going good. I’m looking forward to the last couple of weeks going into Ironman Arizona. There are things I am nervous about, honestly, my run. The Friday after returning home from IMCDA, I was feeling so good, and felt as though the run was taken away from me (you’ll one day read why in my IMCDA race report that I HAVE completed but for some reason cant press publish), that I jumped on the treadmill and just hauled for 6 miles. I paid the price by injuring my left hip flexor.

Its taken a long time to really come back from that. I don’t like the word “injury” because I feel like I am giving it a name, and acknowledging it. But in the end its what it is. But don’t think about it, and don’t even look at it, Ive given it enough love & rest, totally not pampering it any more! (selfish little flexor).


With the injury, my training has been quite different this round. My coach has me working in much lower HR zones that I am used to, focused more on strength in the gym, have gotten crazy on my bike, and letting time in the pool bring my swim together.

I feel like I’ve biked harder than before and have tenderly loved my run. I have no clue what will happen at IMAZ, all I know and have been told is to listen to my heart rate, and things will come together <— So now you know my race plan 😉


Nutrition has been key, as always. After a failed 2013 racing year, and pretty much being sick the entire time, I now know what NOT to do. I almost feel like a child with allergies and have to be careful with everything I put into my mouth, being aware on what it will do it me. A lot of people has asked my nutrition, and here it is in a nut shell:

MORNING: Sweet potato, 3 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, 1 avocado and 1 Red Bull
PRE-WORKOUT: 1 scoop of each the protein and regular Genucan.
BIKE RIDES: Every 30 minutes 2 Fig Newtons, every 1:15 a double bottle concentrate of protein GENUCAN, and about halfway through LONG rides I’ll have a bottle of regular GENUCAN. Drinking water/gatorade every 10 minutes.
RUN: If coming off the bike I’ll make sure Ive had a GENUCAN (at least half a double concentrate bottle) at least 15 minutes before getting off the bike (gives time for it to settle and not slosh around), then half a FIG bar (100% Figs) every 30 minutes (this time around rolling them in sea salt, lack of salt at IMCDA was my demise), and water/gatorade every 10 minutes (every mile).

Thats EVERYTHING I do. Oh, and don’t forget my caffeine. There is ALWAYS caffeine involved.


Please note that my nutrition may or MAY NOT work for you. You need to TEST YOUR nutrition EVERYTIME you train. Also I look at nutrition, well as NUTRITION. Some people don’t like the taste or consistency of GENUCAN <— Honestly I hate the consistency (the flavors have gotten better), but its not there for me to sip on and be a whiny little punk on the flavor, when I take my nutrition I take it fast, knowing I need calories. I feel like I “use” it, I don’t care what it is, it needs to FUEL my body. Also spending time eating a lot of shit, is a waste of time. Its NOT time to have a picnic. Only reason I take the fig newtons is to trick my body into thinking its getting real food, and gives a little substance to my stomach.

Also when you are carrying a picnic you have problems like these (a piece of my IMCDA race report):
On my cycling jersey went, genucan bottle full in my back pocket, inhaler, ibuprofen, lube and… and… My damn fig newtons, I have a shit ton of them, where the hell are they gonna fit?!  There was a lady there staring at me and I know she had been watching me and thinking “HA! What is she gonna do now?”, “Ill shove em down my bra!” <– I shouted that like EUREKA! And thats what I did. There is nothing in there anyways, so a ziplock bag full of fig newtons fit perfectly.

Not everyone has my approach or thoughts on my nutrition. Its not there to taste good, its there to give my body what it needs. When you are racing, well you are RACING, not at a buffet.

IMG_0745IMG_0736This post, may or may not have been informative into my training. But as a friend recently said “Its YOUR training, you don’t have to give that to anyone”. She was absolutely right. Its my training, I’ll be selfish. Just know, like I said above, I love it.



You Just Kinda Want It


Yesterday morning I hit the snooze button one too many times. Sleep, sleep, need more sleep. My little Chloe sounds like Darth Vadar and she invades my room at night, silently slipping under the covers, but once she falls asleep I feel as though the house is gonna come down she is so loud. I ended up slipping into the guest room at one point, only to have her sneak it 5 minutes before the alarm went off.

Damn, I was tired. After dropping off the kids I came home, did my same morning routine: eggs, bacon and caffeine. But I felt like a zombie, face felt puffy, I drank a little more water. Just wasn’t mentally there. I decided to cut internet time and read a bit, but 2 pages in I had no clue of anything I just read. Could I sleep? I just had a red bull, I won’t be able to fall asleep. Oh, but I did.


Was smart enough to set an alarm before dozing off. I told myself, only 1 hour, because I need to make it to the gym in time for a swim. That 1 hour felt only as if I slept 5 minutes. I didn’t want to get out of bed…. Get up!. No, just 5 more minutes. I lay there and reevaluate the time I have to make it to the gym, swim, shower, then pick up the kids. I cant magically add minutes to the day. Wake up! My body wasn’t tired, I was just in this weird mental fog. Man I could probably sleep for days right now.

Then laying there like a schmuck, I thought of a line from one of my favorite motivational YOUTUBE videos. I love this video (click), I’ve listened to it on repeat for an entire 3 hour trainer ride once. One of my favorite lines from the video is from Eric Thomas : “You just kind of want it. You don’t want it badder than you want to party. You don’t want it as much as you want to be cool. Most of you don’t want success as much as you want to sleep. Some of you want sleep more than you want success. And I’m here to tell you today that if you want to be successful you got to be willing to give up sleep.”
IMG_0584IMG_0582You’re gonna be tired 10 hours into an Ironman. How you gonna wake up and be able to paddle another 45 mile day? Learn to work tired. You just KINDA want it don’t you? Get the heck up! <— Me talking to myself as I threw myself out of bed. It was hard to get up. I bitched (sorry for the language, but its really what I did) around looking for my backpack, clothes, food, water and more food. I got my headphones in and my jams going, and slowly woke the heck up.

You cant just kinda want it. You have to make sacrifices.

No this is NOT my job. Yes, you need to rest in order to recover (but this wasn’t the case here, I slept 8 hours the night before). And for the people that I have to say that to, well zip your trap, because YOU only kinda want it.

What happened was pushing through MY excuses and getting things done. I needed to swim yesterday. It ended up being a great swim. I fought a little inner battle. Seriously, Ive thrown myself into some hard things. I’m limited on time. I actually think of Mark in situations like this, I don’t know how many times he’s said “how bad do you want it?” <— Not exactly like that, because if he did I would probably throw a shoe at his head, but he slips it into conversations, and it pisses me off so bad, I usually go and get whatever it is done.

Make a choice. Just decide what it’s gonna be, who you’re gonna be, how you are going to do it. Just decide.” – Will Smith, again from THIS VIDEO <— Just watch it… On replay for 3 hours… It’ll change your life.